Czech Dishes in Prague

1- Goulash- though Hungarian

Meat in sauce- similar to stew

2- Trdelnik- though Hungarian

Made over an open flame/coals, can be eaten with ice cream, nutella, or plain.


Not typical, as they are usually more cinnamon brown, but still delicious!

3- Dumplings- bread or potato, come with most traditional dishes

4- kulac- cake like pastry

5- Svíčková na smetaně

Meat in sauce with lemon, cranberries, and cream. Served with bread and/or potato dumplings.

I was told 2nd day/leftovers are the best.

6- Pork Knee/Knuckle

7- Fried Cheese


7, 6, and 5 from top of the photo to the bottom, you can also see the dumplings with the bottom plate

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