The Benefit of Language Lessons

With a global society, communicating with a variety of people from different countries is a must.

Learning or improving your English or Spanish is perfect for those:

  • Working in a global/multilingual company
  • Enjoying movies from different countries
  • Traveling comfortably and confidently

  • Looking to not get rusty
  • And more!

Woman taking notes during her online English lessons

Grammar & Conversation

The Benefit of ONLINE Lessons

In person lessons are great, but you might not want to head into the city or go to a physical location after a full day of work.

Plus, you might not even have access to a native English or Spanish speaker.

With online English or Spanish classes you:

  • Will get to plan your class schedule when you want
  • Be at home in a relaxing atmosphere
  • Have English or Spanish classes with a native speaker or someone who has spent years developing their language skills
  • YOU don’t have to be at home – you could be anywhere – take the classes with you!

  • Have 1:1 lessons so every class is focused on your exact level and goals

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My Open Passport Language School really helped us grow our listening and speaking. They let’s us dive into topics we really enjoy!

Adult Couple
MYOP takes the time to go over my English work documents line by line. We discuss the grammar and vocab related to my English work projects.
Adult Student
My Open Passport Language School really takes into account my goals for English. I can ask them to work on anything and next class we will do it!
Adult Student

Language Speaking

While discussing grammar, students will be able practice speaking and listening comprehension.

Grammar & Vocab

During conversations, questions about grammar might appear. Teachers will go over the grammar rules and practice that grammar point before continuing with the conversation.

Specific Goals

No matter which class you decide, teachers will make sure to gear lessons towards your goals: strengthen your professional language, small talk, or day-to-day life.

Classes Taught in the Language

Teachers know other languages to help students feel more comfortable in class, but each teacher aims to speak in the target language the majority, if not all, of the time.

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