Our Start

My Open Passport Online Language School (MYOP) was founded by Marinella Yule after she realized that many online language schools were very rigid and didn’t make each lesson unique to match the student.

She looked back on her language learning experience for Spanish and French and decided that she wanted to pass on her love of languages to others just like her past teachers passed on to her.

So she founded My Open Passport Online Language School in order to provide students unique lessons that fit their needs and goals.

Marinella picked My Open Passport as the name because she believes that languages help your world expand.

She believes that everyone should have this opportunity – for their world to be more open with their language passport.

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Each class with My Open Passport Language School is different. We either spend time speaking or reading articles. It was a great way to practice!
Adult Student
Thank you My Open Passport Language School for introducing (our student) to English! She is very comfortable being around it!
Father of English learner
My children always look forward to classes with MYOP, I never have to hurry them!
Father of 2 English learners

Tefl Certification

Marinella achieved her TEFL certification and started teaching English in Prague, Czechia in 2016.

Moving to Montreal

Marinella taught English and Spanish at the same time as learning French in Quebec, Canada since 2018.


Marinella wanted to spread the love of languages to others.

You Are here

Marinella created MYOP and now students are able to book custom classes for English or Spanish that fits their needs with skilled online teachers. 

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Some of our Language Teachers!

Genesis, Online English & Spanish Teacher

Genesis is from Mexico, outside Mexico City, but she currently lives in the middle of France.

Growing up, she realized that learning languages was a rewarding experience and she wanted to pass on this love to others. She started teaching English in 2016 and is now available for English and Spanish online classes.

Her passion for languages continues as she is currently learning and improving her French level.

Her past students have said that she is fully dedicated to helping her students grow in their language journey as she is prepared, patient, and professional in each class.

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Video of Genesis' Introduction

Some Fun Facts about Genesis

  • Her sister and her have the same tone of voice when they talk
  • She is French cheese lover
  • The most money she has ever won on a scratch-off ticket was 40 euros
  • When she was a child, her dream job was to be a professional dancer
  • If she could eat one type of cuisine for the rest of her life, it would be Mexican food, as she enjoys enchiladas and pozole.

Genesis’ Favorite Things

  • Colors: Pink & Red
  • Animals: Dogs & Koalas
  • Food:
    • Sushi
    • Tacos al Pastor
    • Les Crêpes, Le Côte de Bœuf avec des Frites
  • Reading
  • Makeup
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Ayesha, Online English Teacher

Ayesha is originally from Karachi, Pakistan, but has spent the majority of her life in the Middle East.

She currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada since 2021.

She has been a certified teacher since 2014, but her teaching experience started back in 2008 when she taught English language, literature, and research methods at a middle school.

Her experience hails in younger learners as she has worked with preschoolers and kindergarteners.

She acquired her Post-Graduate Certification in Education from Walden University, USA after completing three formal years of teaching.

Past families say that Ayesha creates engaging lessons and her style of teaching is fun and entertaining because she uses storytelling, activity-based learning, and much more!

Read More About Ayesha
Video of Ayesha's Introduction

Some Fun Facts about Ayesha

  • She has a Bachelor’s in Science in Information Systems
  • She speaks Urdu fluently and Arabic conversationally
  • She has some children herself

Ayesha’s Favorite Things

  • Reading different genres
  • Sports:
    • Badminton
    • Swimming
  • Board games
  • Food:
    • Italian
    • Chinese
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Neveen, Online English Teacher

Neveen is from Jordan, but now lives in Montreal since August 2019.

She speaks Arabic and English and is currently working on re-gaining her French as it has been more than 15 years since she has used it.

Her biggest passions are traveling, meeting new people, and storytelling! You can see this from her career change from flight attendant to teacher!

Her past students still keep in contact with her and always update her on their further English successes!

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Some Fun Facts about Neveen

  • She worked as a flight attendant in Royal Jordanian for 5 years
  • She is passionate about traveling the world and eating fruit, chocolate, and spices!
  • She has an allergy to dust mites and cockroaches!
  • She loves cooking and baking organic non-guilt sweets
  • She loves volunteering, especially with food organizations as she has a Master’s degree in food insecurity and all that comes with it

Neveen’s Favorite Things

  • Colors: Blue & Purple
  • Animals: Dogs
  • Food:
    • Jams
    • Tinctures
    • Sweets
    • Dark Chocolate!
  • Nature/Outdoors
  • Favorite Season: Spring
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Arturo, Online English & Spanish Teacher

Arturo is from South West Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. He has been working towards his goal of moving to Canada with his family in the future. 

He has been teaching English for 15 years and counting. And during COVID had to adapt to online teaching, but he enjoys both in-person and online!

Past students enjoy Arturo’s classes as they find English easy, enjoyable, and challenging all at the same time! They are amazed at their own accomplishments and their ability to communicate when they travel in just a few classes with him!

Read More About Arturo
Video of Arturo's Introduction

Some Fun Facts about Arturo

  • He loves biking
  • He loves playing soccer
  • He sings and plays the guitar as well as acts
    • He is a voice-over actor
  • He is currently learning French

Arturo’s Favorite Things

  • Color: Red
    • It has always inspired him to move and be passionate about the things he does in life.
  • Animal: Dogs
  • Food:
    • Home-made
      • It is really an event as it brings people together!
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About Marinella

The Beginning

Marinella started learning Spanish when she was in high school. Upon graduating, she went to Spain for 3 months to take Spanish immersion. After traveling for an additional 9 months, she started university.

Within her university time, she was able to study abroad in Argentina for 6 months where she had another Spanish immersion experience.

In 2016, she graduated with a Marketing and Fine Arts degree as well as a minor in Spanish.


She proceeded to live in Europe for 1.5 years where she received her certification to teach English in Prague.

She taught adults as well as college students during her time in Czechia.

After, she traveled Asia for 6 months and then decided to move to Montreal, Canada to learn French.

Montreal, Canada

In 2018, Marinella enrolled in French immersion courses and soon developed conversational level in French. At the same time, she was teaching English to young children in Montreal in person until COVID.

With COVID-19, she transitioned to teaching young kids, teenagers, and adults English and Spanish online.

Current Day

Over the last 6 years, Marinella has taught 100s of students in group or individual classes, in person and online.

She continues to improve her French while maintaining her Spanish and looks forward to learning her 4th language in the future.

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