Terms of Service



Each class is customized to fit the needs and goals of the student; however, there will be classes that are similar. In addition, in order to practice all the skills of a language, the teacher will have to adhere to certain activities to progress the student (ie: reading an article, having the student write sentences, spelling, etc).

Each class will be held over Zoom or Google Meets. Pictures and recordings will take place during adult classes in order to provide the students with notes after the class – the teacher will send any media to the student for the students’ records. If a student does not want any photos or recordings of them, they will need to specifically state to the teacher.

Sometimes children classes will be filmed to show the progression of the student. OR screenshots to show corrections.

In addition, each child student will receive a class summary of what happened in that day’s lesson.


As our name suggests, we love traveling! Teachers can be all over the world and can be actively traveling when they give classes. It is normal and expected for teachers to have different backgrounds on Zoom and locations. However, teachers are permitted to use a virtual background.

Each teacher is either TEFL-certified or has a higher education degree in the language that they are teaching or has been teaching/coaching for several years.

Bad language and bad behavior from a teacher is not allowed, if this happens please contact us.


Students are expected to be respectful with the teachers. Everyone has bad days of course, but bad language and disrespect will not be tolerated. The teacher will give 3 warnings. If the disrespect continues, the teacher has the right to end the class.

It is recommended for students under the age of 10 not to use virtual backgrounds because we have found it can be distracting for them.

10+ Classes & Free Placement Class

Free Placement Class

If you are a brand new student to MYOP, you will be given a free placement class with the purchase of 10 or more classes. This placement class could take as little as 10 minutes or as much as an hour. It depends on the student’s current level.

Do we schedule this with the booking platform?

You can schedule the free placement class or a discovery class via the booking platform if you wish. Someone from MYOP admin will be in contact with you. If not, someone from MYOP admin will reach out to you and schedule the placement class when you contact us. It should be before your very first class. If there is no available time before the first class, the first class will count as the free placement and a class will be added to the end of what you already booked.

When do we get the roadmap?

With the purchase of 10 or more classes each child student will receive a roadmap of the individual classes outlining what the topics will be for each class and the goals to reach every month.

Goals can change depending on the student’s progress.

The roadmap will be sent after the placement class.

The roadmap isn’t set in stone and can change depending on the child’s progress.


1 to 9 classes

Purchasers agree to pay the full amount at the time of booking. If purchasers would like a monthly invoice, a 2% administrative fee will be applied.

10 or More classes

Purchasers may pay the full amount at once or can request the “monthly payment” option and an automatic invoice will be sent every month at the end of the prior month (Example: March) for classes in the next month (Example: April). Purchasers will have a week (or more) to pay the invoice.

Options to pay several months at a time or per semester is also available. Please reach out to MYOP admin for your preference.

If the invoice is not paid by the due date, the classes will be paused. When the invoice is paid, any missed classes due to the time delay can be added at the end or saved to a later date (up to a year since the original purchase/first payment).

Canadian customers have the additional option of paying via interac. Please contact us for more information.


One Promotion at a Time

Users are only able to use one promotion at a time. Special promotions given via email have a limited timeframe to be used. Please read that email thoroughly to know when the coupon expires.

Refer a Friend program


  1. You will need to be on a monthly payment plan
  2. Your friend books one or a few classes to try
  3. If they like it, if they book 10+ classes, you will receive 10% off your next monthly payment
  4. If they book 48+ classes, you will receive 10% off your next 2 monthly payments
  5. Make sure they write your name in the notes box or email the school with your details
  6. If you have multiple families booking classes via your name, the school will reach out to you – thank you for your support!

Why 10+ / 48+ Classes

We encourage new students to try the class via one or a few classes first before booking a semester or yearly package. If your friend wants to purchase 10+ or 48+ classes right away, that is fine, but we highly encourage them to do a test class first.

Rescheduling, Cancellations, No Shows/Late


Every student is able to reschedule their class no less than 24 hours in advance. Example: if a class is held at 4pm Tuesday, the student has until 4pm Monday to reschedule that class.

You can see available times via the booking platform and then contact the teacher/school. OR, contact the teacher/school for availabilities to reschedule.


If a student does not know when to reschedule or wants to outright cancel their classes, it follows the same 24 hour rules. Purchasers can reschedule the class up to a year from purchase.

If you are on the monthly payment plan and would like to cancel it completely, please let us know as soon as possible before the due date of that invoice.

No Shows / Late

The teacher will wait 10 minutes during a 30 minute class and 15 minutes during an hour class. If any student does not show up to class, the class will be marked as taken and no reschedule or refund will be provided. In the event of an emergency, you can contact us, but it will be on a case by case basis. The student is free to email the teacher with notice that they will arrive late, but the teacher is not obligated to give that missing time. Example: The 1 hour class is at 6pm and the student arrives at 6:15pm, the class will still end at 7pm.

Though we strive to make sure the teachers arrive on time, it might happen that a teacher arrives late. If this happens, the teacher is obligated to ensure the student receives the full length – either that day or a reschedule. *Please note that some classes are back to back for teachers and they will need a minute to transfer Zoom links.


No refund will be provided for any class taken/used.

We request students to try 3 classes at a minimum. If the student is still unhappy, a refund will be provided for the classes UNUSED after the 3 classes. Example 1: If a student does 4/10 classes, the remaining 6 will be refunded. Example 2: If a student does 2/10 classes, only 7 classes will be refunded, not 8.

Refunds will only be available up to 6 months from the time of purchase and only for the classes NOT taken. Example 3: If a student had already taken 12 out of the 20 classes and requested a refund, the remaining 8 will be refunded.

Technical Difficulties

Technology isn’t perfect. Our teachers try to ensure that they have strong and reliable internet connection. However, if there are problems from the teacher’s or the student’s side, it can be rescheduled. Please try to get a hold of the teacher or the school as soon as you have difficulties.

Price Changes

Please note, prices and fees can change. We will do our best to give our families enough notice of a price or fee change, but please check the website often for any updates. Once you book classes, your price is set until the next booking.

Canadian and Quebec Taxes

My Open Passport Language School is registered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and has to follow the tax rules of the province and country. Each sale that occurs within Quebec and Canada will be charged GST (Federal Canadian tax) and QST (Quebec Province tax). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!