Pre-booking Questions

Online English lessons and Spanish lessons enables the student to take the classes anywhere at anytime. Students will have a Native English speaker or Native Spanish speaker or someone who has developed their skills for many years.  Each class is 1:1 so the student will receive all the focus (unless a group class is requested).

Please contact us! Depending on how many students and how frequent, a custom package can be arranged.

If you need help booking, please contact us and we can accommodate your needs!

Yes, but that would be a custom order, please contact us to discuss more!

Yes, how our system works is that you will have to book right away. But you can always edit the dates later.

An invoice will be sent to you from someone from our Admin team.

For our 10 class, semester, and year packages, mark the monthly invoice option at check-out. The school will send an invoice at the end of the month for classes the following month. If the invoice is not paid within a week of being sent, your classes will be on hold until it is paid. 

If you book less than 10 classes and choose the monthly option, a 2% administrative fee will apply.

For Canadian customers, you can pay via interac and avoid the administrative fee, contact us for more information.

If you find trouble paying the invoice, please contact us!

About the School

We pride ourselves in custom lessons. If you would like a certain topic such as travel conversations or if the child loves pokemon, we will gear their lessons around those items. So, request away!
Every child class, no matter the package, will receive a class summary after each lesson. This will inform the parents what we did and suggestions to improve at home.

For adults, any notes discussed taken by the teacher will be screenshot and sent.

If a child is booked for 10 or more classes, they will receive a roadmap outlining the topic for each class.

A roadmap is an outline of what the child student will learn every class from the first class to the last class booked.

Class summaries are a document that provides parents information on what was covered, discussed, and done in class. As well as areas to practice at home and other notes.

If an adult will like a roadmap, one can be provided. However, most adult classes are conversation based and topics/grammar is covered on the spot based on what is actively being discussed.

Adults are also welcome to provide any English documents from their own work to discuss/correct.

We offer English and Spanish at all levels.

Stay connected for future updates on other languages such as French!

We currently have 3 active teachers!

At MYOP, we pride ourselves in custom classes with custom schedules, which allows teachers to take pauses if they wish. 

We are always on the look out for awesome teachers. Each teacher has a language degree, a teaching certification, or has been teaching/coaching for several years.

They are interviewed and given a fake class with additional training if necessary.

Check our “About Us” page for our teachers and their descriptions to learn more about each unique one!

We look forward to be providing more teachers in the future!


Things happen! If something unplanned comes up, to reschedule your class, you will need to do so the 24 hours leading up to class by notifying the teacher or the school 24 hours before the class would start. If it is within the 24 hours, the class is counted as used. If an emergency happened, please contact us.
Students will have a year since the purchase of their package to use the classes.

In order to get a good feel of what class will be like, we recommend trying the classes for a minimum of 3 times. We will refund any classes unused after the 3.  You may see more in our Terms of Service page.

Technical problems happen!

If you contacted the teacher informing of the issues right away we can reschedule the class!

If you were unable to inform the teacher right away, let us know the situation and we will discuss more.

We try to ensure we are never late, but if that does happen, the teacher is required to give the student the full length class either that day or a reschedule.

*Please note, some teachers have back to back classes and might be a minute late to the next class.

Life happens! The teacher will wait on Zoom for 10 minutes for 30 minute classes and 15 minutes for an hour class.

If you think you will need more time to arrive to class, please email them as soon as possible.

However, they will only give the class up to the original end time.

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