All Unique, One goal

Each student is unique, so why not teachers? At MYOP you have complete control over your classes. Teachers are encouraged to create fun and engaging lessons that fit the needs and interests of their students.

Student and Teacher should leave each class with a smile on their face!

Your Time, Your Schedule

You work when YOU want! Someone from MYOP admin will contact you when a student is available and ask if you can take them on. If you want to work a few hours a week or be available all the time – YOU set the hours.

There is no mandatory “need to be available at these hours.”

Since MYOP is an online school, you can be anywhere! Give classes from home, from a cafe, or from a park! The only thing required – a good WIFI connection and all the documents you need to fulfill the class!

Teachers also get to decide who and what they want to teach: children, adults, 30 minute classes, 1 hour classes, etc!

Classes can be held on Zoom or on Google Meets.

No uniforms, but respectability is required.

No artsy/cartoony background required, but again, a respectable and appropriate background for children is required.

That’s it! You run the lessons how you want!

We have your back

Though we offer free reign, if you need support, ideas for lessons, or just a teacher to teacher chat, MYOP is here for YOUR needs.

Teachers will be equally promoted on MYOP’s social media. If teachers provide content (pictures, videos, fun facts, etc) of themselves to MYOP admin staff, they will be promoted more often (due to there being more content of them in general).

Who are our teachers?

We accept all applicants from all over the world. Families prefer native speakers, but each candidate will be evaluated during the interviews.

TEFL or CELTA or any other language teaching certification is required or a university level degree in English/the language you will be teaching.

Applicants with a long history of teaching / coaching students will be assessed on a case by case basis.

If you are in the process of acquiring your university degree, please reach out to us as well!

The smaller print

Once classes are booked, we do require teachers to honor those bookings. Things do come up, but we ask teachers to reach out to the families with enough notice (at least a week) and to reschedule the class as soon as possible.

Depending on past experiences of the teacher, training will be provided as well as drop-in classes.

Catch-up calls (1:1 between the teacher and MYOP admin staff) can also occur for all teachers.

Any teaching position is freelance/contract based only. Teachers will send invoices to MYOP through programs such as PayPal.

Pay is per hour with a paid prep-time of 10 minutes per 30 minute class (20 minutes for 1 hour). As MYOP is registered in Canada, all payments (and invoices) are made in CAD. Hourly rate starts at $20 CAD/hour.

Teachers are required to make a roadmap as well as class summaries, for children only, and share these documents with MYOP admin staff as well as to the families.

If teachers don’t respond to MYOP admin after 2 student requests, they will be removed from the teacher’s list. At MYOP we value communication – if a teacher is no longer available or no longer has interest, please let someone at MYOP know right away to prevent confusion for students and families.

Ready to Apply?

1) Send you resume to

2) Someone will be in contact you shortly after to set up a 30 minute Zoom chat.

3) If that goes well, a fake class is scheduled where the candidate teaches a MYOP admin staff.

4) The following step would be signing the contract and, depending on past experience,

4a) A paid training might be schedule. This paid training is the new teacher teaching a current student while a MYOP admin staff watches.

5) Once everything is confirmed, the new teacher’s information will be posted on the website and on social media and that’s it!