You might be asking if it is worth going to Quebec in the winter because, well, it is winter.

The answer is yes! Be sure to check out the reasons why to go to Quebec province in the winter as well as things to do in Quebec the summer in Quebec and Montreal.

Now, for things to do in Quebec City in the winter- let’s keep reading!

Winter Carnival (Things to do in Quebec)

This is one of the most fun things to do in Quebec in Winters. I have to admit, I heard a lot of good things about this carnival. I was excited to go and see it and had such a good time at the music festival during the summer, I figured it would be the same.

If you happen to be in Quebec for this, I would say check it out, but don’t make it a special trip. I am glad we didn’t and had additional plans.

The cost is about $20. But you don’t get that much. There were 2 areas, one for buying drinks and the other for some small games.

The bar was made out of ice and they sold drinks in cups made of ice. This is pretty cool and it was cold enough that nothing melted.

The other section had games for children and snow sculptures. In my opinion, not worth the $20, but still something cool to see if you aren’t used to snow and ice.

And again, if you are in the area already.

Fort: Plains de Abraham

This used to be connected with the carnival, but now it just contains some walking paths, views or the river, and cross country ski paths. Be sure to take a stroll on a sunny day!


I loved this aquarium! I went in the winter and it was absolutely perfect.

There are 3 buildings, which is annoying in the winter as you have to go outside then back inside with your coat and such, but I liked how each building was separate.

They had different themes and animals. And outside had different animal exhibits like walruses, seal lions, foxes, etc.

They also had a polar bear exhibit, but it was being renovated when we were there.

My favorite things to do in Quebec includes the part of touching pools with stingrays that looked so happy to be petted, doing laps around the pool to the waiting human fingers.

Admission prices vary, but adults are about $20.

Beaver Tail / Queues de Castor

This is a classic dessert treat of Quebec. If you read my Quebec City in the summer post, you will notice that I didn’t include this in there.

The big reason is, you eat this hot. Normally, people want cold foods amd drinks in the summer.

This isn’t a real beaver tail, but fried dough shaped as a tail with things on top like chocolate.

Definitely stop at a Queues de Castor shop to try one!


After a long day in the cold, take a dip in some hot springs in the different spas. The spa I tried was Nation Sante Spa and it was a very pleasant experience. It is located on one of the First Nation reservations, Wendake.

The employees were super nice and helpful. The waters were lovely and I ended up not feeling the cold at all when I did get out of the water.

The water pools are outside.

There are saunas and hot springs. Plus you can have a massage too!


There are so many museums in Quebec City. Definitely helps pass the time if there is a snow storm or too much snow to walk outside.

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

Hiking in the snow might not seem fun, but it can be! If trekking is your thing or snow shoeing or what have you, be sure to check out this park about 1.5 hours north of Old Town.

Prices vary depending on what activity you want to do so check their website prior.

Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere

Yes, another nature activity! How often do you see a frozen waterfall? From the top, you can get a good view, but if you are adventurous, you can make your way down the snowy steps to the river bed.

Of course everything is frozen and covered in snow. So, ease be careful and watch your step!

At the time of writing, this was free, but that may change, please check website.

Chez Ashton

One of the major things you have to do in Quebec province is eat Poutine! This popular restaurant chain will provide you with great sample.

If you are two or more, I suggest getting the big portion to share, it is more economical, if you want to try the same poutine.


Like Montreal, there are a variety of places to skate in the city for free as long as you have your own skates. Some of the arenas don’t have a skate rental place.

Cabane a Sucre

This applies to the month of March. Cabane a Sucre or Sugar Shack are a maple syrup lover’s heaven.

Maple farms open their doors during the harvest to customers looking to feast on different foods made with maple or covered in maple.

Come hungry go…sleepy?

There are a variety of places around the city. I recommend the farms morw than a restaurant in the city to get the whole experience, but it usually does require car to get out there.