I have been fortunate to visit Quebec City in the winter and the summer. Be sure to check out Winter in Quebec City and Why You Should Visit Quebec in the Winter and give a Read to my post about things to do in Quebec city in Summer !

If you are traveling to Quebec City in the summer, here are some top sights and sites you should definitely not miss! And be sure to leave some time to visit Montreal in the summer!

Festival de Quebec (SummerThings to do in Quebec City)

This (FEQ) is one of the biggest highlights of things to do in Quebec City in the summer. Spanning over two weeks, this music festival features some big names such as Imagine Dragons, Blink 182, and 21 Pilots.

One ticket costs around $120 CAD and is good for all the activities throughout the two weeks. Of course, for the bigger names you might want to fall in line to enter early in order to get a good spot.

All activities are outside in Old Town Quebec so you risk getting rained out. This happened to me with Imagine Dragons (how ironic since two of their major songs deals with thunder and rain).

Upon purchase you get a little souvenir key chain thing as well as an electronic wrist band that you scan to enter the different areas.

In terms of transportation, there is plenty of paid parking and some free street parking, but the bus is pretty convenient and easy. They also have a special ticket for festival goers.

Festival: Things to do in Quebec City

Montmorency Falls

These falls are pretty nice to see and a must thing among all the other things to do in Quebec City. When I went they were free if you were walking on site. If you want to park on site there was and is a fee. There is now a fee to enter by foot too. It is less than $10, but since I had already gone once we decided not to go again.

There is free street parking for 90 minutes right outside the entrance.

You can also take a cable across the falls, but this is an additional fee on top of everything else. Be sure to check out the website for new fee information.

Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere

Another waterfall, but free, for now. You can see some of it near the parking lot, but there are stairs down to the water edge giving a better view.

Once at the river bed, be careful with the rocks and slipping. I don’t want anyone to get injured! This being said, the view from the bottom is really cool and if you are careful with the rocks, swimming at the bottom looks fun.

I didn’t participate in the swimming per the foot wear and rocks. Safety first! Here is the website for additional information.


I actually only visited during the winter, but since some of the animal exhibits are outside, I highly recommend this in Things to do in Quebec City in the summer too.

For sure, it will be warmer!

The aquarium is really well done. There are 3 buildings consisting of different sea animals. Plus there are outside animal exhibits for seals, walruses, foxes, etc.

At the time of writing they were redoing the polar bear exhibit, but I am sure that will be very cool!

They have different animal shows throughout the day so be sure to check the schedule.

Pricing ranges, but for one adult it is about $20.

Wandering the Streets of Old Quebec

One more “A must do thing” among all the other things to do in Quebec City. This might seem obvious, but when I say wander, I really mean it! Take your time, stroll around. It’s summer anyways, enjoy the warmth!

These tiny streets offer a bit of Europe with cobblestone and old architecture.

Plus the view of the river and area is lovely.

Next to the boardwalk is this old palace/hotel. You can still spend the night

Fort: Plains de Abraham

This used to be an old fort for military uses and there is quite a bit of information plaques around. Now, the grounds are used as a park and used for the different festivals. The views of the river and the city can’t be missed.

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

This national park is about 1.5 hours north of Old Town Quebec, but if you are looking for so beautiful nature or want to go on a hike, this is it!

There are different entry fees depending on what you plan on doing, so be sure to check the website!

Chez Ashton

One of the major things to do in Quebec city or province is to eat Poutine! This popular restaurant chain will provide you with great sample.

If you are two or more, I suggest getting the big portion to share, it is more economical, if you want to try the same poutine.

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