Tired of the beaches and the amusement parks in San Diego? Here are some other fun things to do in San Diego:

Beach landscape

1. Cabrillo National Monument

Among things to do in San Diego visiting this is a must do thing. This is a National Park and if you have a National Park pass it will work here or it is 15 USD to enter. It’s a decent view of San Diego city and has historical informational panels and a museum.
Cabrillo view in San Diego

2. Bernardo Winery or Temecula valley wineries

Napa Valley isn’t the only wine producing place in California! Bernardo Winery gives you a free tasting of chocolate to pair with the wine you choose.
Bernardo Winery in San Diego

3. Eat some pie in Julian

Julian is about an hour from San Diego proper, but it’s a nice small western town with really good pies. The drive there offers a nice scenery.

4. Need more things to do in San Diego Go to some random cafes and bars

Such as the Coin Haus in La Mesa, which offers craft beers (another thing San Diego is famous for) and old arcade games.

Brewery in San Diego



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