Whoop there it is!

Number 4!

So, as my past post on returning to North America after 21 months said- I’m no longer in Europe or Asia!

And with this new start of an adventure, I’ll be focusing the near future here in North America!

I’ll miss my friends I met while abroad and family, but I’ll see them soon! Even though it’s weird to think I won’t be in Europe again for a few years….but life moves on.

Starting in a few days, I’ll be doing another bike trip, this time from Fairbanks, Alaska (officially Prudhoe Bay further North, but I fly into Alaska via Fairbanks) to Victoria, Canada (Or Vancouver).

It will take about 2 months.

I’m looking forward to being on a bike again and being with nature without a lot of people interfering. All the nature things I’ve done the past 21 months have been filled with people.

However, because Alaska is more wild, I will see many wild animals up close….I hope no bears! But, we will see!

It’s been a little over 2 years since I started the Transamerican trail….maybe every 2 years I’ll do a bike trip haha.

And no, I’m not stopping anytime soon!

See you later, I got to put my backpack down and gather my bike panniers!

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