Its 2020! Can’t believe it. 

20 years ago was the start of a new century and not the 80’s….who still thinks 20 years ago was that?

I haven’t done many New Year’s resolutions. When I did it was always be healthier.

But this year, I have some big ones I would like to share with you! 

1. The biggest goal: Create a YouTube channel- @myopenpassport

I want to bring my blog posts to life through voice and photos. With this channel, I hope to bring my content in a different format. After all, everyone consumes information differently and I want to accomodate! I will also be posting the videos here with a short description so keep subscribing! 

2. Bring my French to a full professional working level. 

As of right now, my French is lower working/high conversational level. Going on my second year here in Montreal, it’s time to step up my game! 

3. Enjoy all the winter activities here in Montreal. 

Last winter I was wrapped up in settling in and having a career. This winter I want to build other experiences such as more skiing, skating, and sugar shacks! Keep an eye posted for more posts!

4. Post more consistently and collaborate with other bloggers.

I started collaborating now, but I truly love it and want to keep doing it! I want to bring more travel and more outside the box stories to you! If you like to contribute a post, feel free to contact me!

5. As New Year’s Resolutions : Branch out from solely travel.

I love traveling, but the thing I love about traveling is it gets you outside your comfort zone. With this, I want to feature posts that are also outside the box or comfort zone, but not necessarily travel related.

Looking forward to this new decade and new year! What are your resolutions?

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