I have been networking with other travel bloggers. It has been an interesting experience because I have gotten to see other styles and priorities. 


For me, my style is more conversational. I want to share my experiences and what I have observed from others to my readers. I also use my blog as a reflection for me, a way to compose my thoughts. My priority is outside the box ideas and travel. Something not normally thought of. 

Other bloggers want to be more research based. It can be more academic. Some chose not to have certain information on their site because it doesn’t fit their niche, brand, or they personally don’t like it. All is fair! 


I recently did a blog for someone and I wrote about my personal experience biking Alaksa. The blogger removed it because they thought it was too dangerous travel type to have on their site. 

It surprised me because they still kept some other hiking trails, which can be more dangerous travel at times. Plus, I have blog posts about all my biking trips….It is my belief that it is dangerous because people are uninformed. If there is more information and personal experience, readers have more insight or at least a different insight than before. 
It really showed me that there are different travel types. All are fair and valid! 

Through this networking experience, I learned that I really like my style. I hope readers do too! 


Every blog has something to offer for every traveler type. If you want to stay close to home, if you want to do more outside the box ideas, if you want the glamour of Europe, if you want the hidden sites of Europe, if you want the partying in Asia, or if you want the Spanish immersion in South America, etc….there is so much! 

Thats the beauty of the internet. Any information for anybody! 
So nothing is dangerous in terms of information on traveling. What’s actually dangerous is the lack of information. 

Travel How You Want!

Dangerous is traveling in a style that isn’t really yours! One should travel how one is comfortable. It is always good to try new things, but if you know you like exploring cafes in cities rather than hiking mountains….don’t hike a mountain. 

Dangerous traveling is not researching ahead of time what to pack, what to do, and or having a possible back-up plan. It can be preparing for a hike or it can be preparing for a eating tour in Italy. Please read my blog, other blogs, official government sites, etc.

It is totally ok, fair, and acceptable to take your time with all the information available. To ask questions. Be comfortable with your travel plans. That’s what makes an awesome travel adventure!

Bonne voyage! 

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