After 21 Months; Being Abroad Long Term

21 months being abroad long term. I was away from the country I call home for 21 months. I thought it would be fitting to post this on USA’s birthday, as it is like, I am too celebrating my return to the country that I love. This being said, there is some sadness as I have now left the life that I have known for, basically, the past 2 years.

I don’t know what else to say. It was a crazy ride. I met so many awesome people and re-met old friends and created new memories.

But as I look back on what I did being abroad long term, the last (almost) 2 years, it makes me think it was all a dream…everything went so fast, and I enjoyed every second of it.

-I went to Europe and changed plans many times.

-I fell in love.

-I had two jobs and an apartment and paid bills.

-I have friends of all ages and backgrounds.

-It amazes me that these great people have chosen me to be friends with and to love me and take care of me with really not that much time knowing each other. My only wish is to repay them in the future in some way.

-I’ve seen an old friend get married.

-I have finally found a country I don’t really like.

-I have met family I never knew and re-met ones I haven’t seen in years.

-I learned more about my ancestral history through research and old family stories,being abroad long term.

-I got sick, several times.

-I’ve been stabbed in the back and became stronger for it.

-I’ve experience racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and ageism from people you wouldn’t think of.

-I’ve seen two random people come together and share love for just a brief moment.

-I’ve been to several places were mass genocide took place and cried.

-I’ve been to majestic castles and ancient temples and been humbled by human skill.

-I went to the mountains and saw mother nature’s wonder that blew me away.

-I cooed over pandas and ran away from wild monkeys.

-I celebrated two birthdays in completely different ways.

-I struggled through below 0 Celsius weather and then the next day suffered through 35 degrees.

-I ate and ate and ate.

-I paid less for beer than for water.

-I slept on a hotel bus.

-I ate raw crab from a street market and didn’t get sick.

-I was surrounded by alcohol, weed, and speed in one night (I didn’t partake parents).

-I embraced other cultures and let go of some of my own.

-I absorbed words from many languages, but am ever appreciative that my native language is the global tongue.

21, almost 22 months abroad and about 2 years of a non-traditional life.

Vamos! Here’s to the next months and years!

14 thoughts on “After 21 Months; Being Abroad Long Term

  1. I feel like my life is really lacking after reading your post. You’ve experienced more in 21 months than I feel like I have in years. It always shocks me that anyone STILL has to deal with racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and ageism. We should be better than this. I am sorry your had to go through that.

    1. Everyone’s path is different! Im sure you have experiences that I dont! 😊 Thank you, time will fix things….unfortunately, to change people’s minds about these things….it is just time! Im hopeful for future generations!

  2. You are saying so many things in one quite short post! There are many questions here and discussions, but also, there are so many beautiful things that happened to you and I am sure that are coming more! Honestly, I could say that you make me feel motivated more with this posts! Thanks!

  3. Wow that is quite an intense period of your life to have experienced all of that in! It seems like you have definitely had the adventure, and almost a roller coaster experience, with goods and bads, but a life-changing experience nonetheless. I hope the happy moments outweighed the hurtful parts you had to endure.

  4. This just summarizes life. We live in different moments at different paces but in one way or the other, we can relate: love, hate, fun, speed, tears, laughter, and memories… in the end, we all learn from these experiences and become better.

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