Being cautious while traveling could be a no-brainer. I wanted to write that unlike other things, the more experience you have in traveling, doesn’t necessarily mean things will become easier or become muscle memory at every step you have to be cautious.

The more you practice a language, the easier it will be to speak. The more you run, the faster you will be.

The more you travel, it doesn’t mean the more comfortable you are. It doesn’t mean you won’t get robbed or forget something. Every trip is different. 

No matter the experience level, travelers needs to be alert, cautious and vigilant with their surroundings and things. 

Every new place is still outside the comfort zone….that’s why its new!

My father was planning a hiking trip at the Grand Canyon and was driving to the location when somehow one of his bags and camping groceries were stolen from his truck. 

Did he leave it unlocked? Did he leave it somewhere? Did they pick the lock?

Lesson: do not leave things visible when you are not in or immediately near your car. 

I am quite comfortable being uncomfortable in a new place.

I will be uncomfortable and in order to keep my alert up, I make sure not to listen to music with headphones in order for me to be more aware of my surroundings.

Traveling does become easier, but that doesnt mean travelers can become relaxed. If anything, the more comfortable people are with traveling, I think they should be that much more cautious and vigilant. 

Don’t let a cocky thought process leave you without money or passport.

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