Neveen is originally from Jordan, but moved to Montreal in August 2019 to pursue a childhood dream of obtaining a Master’s degree abroad.

She started learning French 15 years ago, but with time, lost the skill and so she is dedicating her time in Montreal to re-gaining her ability!

Her adventurous spirit started at a young age with singing in a choir and performing with a folklore band. Through these musical opportunities, she traveled to some countries to represent Jordan’s folklore and traditional costume.

This led her to pursue a career as a flight attendant. She spent five years working for Royal Jordanian and loved traveling the world and exploring all the different treats.

However, the calling to teach children made her change her career path, which surprised many as they are different fields…so they thought!


Neveen is a born storyteller. Many of the people who know her will tell you that she can entertain for hours with her stories. This is no surprise as her passions for singing, performing, and traveling are all related to the spreading of ideas, emotions, and experiences!

Teaching is no different.

Through her years teaching, Neveen uses her performance skills and her storytelling to help the students achieve their English language goals. Many of her past students call her classes a “magical time” and they still keep in contact with her to this day.

After teaching for many years, she finds her students’ passion to keep learning because of her classes is what keeps her motivated to keep going and giving.

Neveen’s INSPIRATIONAL Motivation

Neveen is passionate about helping others. Another similarity between teaching and being a flight attendant is that you help people. One helps students with a language and the other helps passengers along their travels. Either way, both are taking a journey!

A motto that would describe her is “life is a journey!” She deeply believes that we are all lifelong learners, for anything: languages, in math, in cooking, in hiking, etc.

One big lesson in her life was when she moved to Montreal. As much as she has traveled, she found moving to a completely different country away from her family was the most difficult. She loves Montreal, but the first few years were hard for her to adjust especially during the COVID years.

To get her through these times, she dedicated her time to baking more non-guilt sweet treats, volunteering at any food organization because her research for her Master’s was about food insecurity, and engaging with a wide variety of people to keep sharing stories and gaining more to share in the future.

She looks forward to continue to share her stories and her passion for English to her students as every student is special and unique. She wants them to feel safe, comfortable, and happy in class and in day-to-day life.

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