Get Outdoors While You Learn a Language with Spring

It is officially spring! Practice your language skills while enjoying the nice weather outside! Learn a language with Springtime vocab and activities!

Here are some 4 tips to get you started plus a list of spring words you can start using today!

Write down all the things you see on your adventure outdoors

While you are out and about, write on a piece of paper or in your phone different things you see. If you already know the word in your target language, write it in that language. If you don’t know it, write it in your language and then look it up when you are home.

When you get home, write the word of your target language and create sentences

Next, take all those words you wrote down and create sentences with different grammar structures. Example, if you saw a tree. You could write: “The tree is big and green.”

For more advanced learners, you can write the same sentence in all the tenses. Example:

  • The tree is big and green
  • The tree was big and green
  • The tree is going to be big and green
  • The tree will be big and green
  • The tree has been big and green
  • The tree had been big and green
  • The tree will have been big and green

This will practice your conjugations for the verbs!

Practice speaking about those items in a mirror

Once you have your sentences, read those sentences out loud to the mirror. Then, once you feel comfortable, have a mini conversation about the items. This helps you start thinking in your target language.

Once you develop your thinking muscle, speaking will become easier. You might find yourself translating or having “blocks.” These will disappear when you think more in your target language.

If you have Native speaking friends, practice with them for 30 minutes – have a conversation about what you did and saw!

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After practicing with yourself in the mirror, find a friend to practice! Just dedicate 30 minutes with this friend to discuss what you saw and did outside in your target language! You have already practiced the grammar and pronunciation, now it is time to put it into real life practice!

You can do it!

Some spring words to get you started if you are studying English:

  • Rain / to rain
  • Puddle
  • Hike
  • Trees
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • to bloom
  • to plant
  • Plants
  • Wet
  • Slush
  • Mud
  • Grass
  • Cool

Not Sure Who to Practice With?

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