5 Reasons to Take Language Classes as an Advanced Learner

You made it! You can have conversations effortlessly and can even translate for your friends and family when you travel. Maybe, you have even taken university level classes in your target language (example, accounting classes in not your native language).

You might even be feeling you don’t need more language classes.

As someone who has learned two additional languages, I understand!

After planning my wedding in Mexico completely in Spanish (my second language), I felt like I was pretty fluent. But, then when I was looking for Spanish teachers for My Open Passport Language School, I had them give me a lesson in Spanish to see their teaching style.

I learned so much! I learned a bit of Spanish, but more: why I should continue to take lessons every once and awhile!

Here are 5 reasons why you should continue to take language classes as an advanced learner – at least, every once and awhile.

Won’t Get Rusty

The biggest reason to continue to take language classes as an advanced learner is that language is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you will lose it or at least, it will get rusty.

While living in Montreal, Quebec, I have spent a lot of time focusing on my French. So I was starting to feel my Spanish slipping away.

But with the wedding in Mexico, I was able to bring it back, but I realized, I can’t keep letting my languages slip. I need to constantly use it.

Can Always Learn New Vocab

As non-natives, we will never have the full breath of vocabulary as the natives do. Nor expressions or slang words.

This is especially true when it comes to a language that is in many countries. For example, America and England or Spain and Mexico. These countries have different vocabulary and expressions. Native speakers understand more or less each other, but us learners have a harder time.

With language classes as an advanced learner, you will always be able to learn new vocab.

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Practice Grammar

Though your conversational skills are excellent, you might still be making grammar mistakes. And because you speak well most of the time, your friends probably don’t correct you.

Having lessons provides the context for you to be corrected if and when necessary so you can speak better.

Learn New Slang / Expressions

Just like the vocabulary and unlike learning correct grammar, it is also important to learn “street” language. You need to know how to sound professional and be more literature correct, but it is also good and more important for day to day life to know how to speak with others “on the street.”

As time goes on, expressions are added or changed and new slang appears every day.

Having language lessons as an advanced learner allows you to keep up with the latest trends.

Hear Different Accents

Lastly, with lessons, you will be able to have a variety of teachers with different accents. For example, if you are learning Spanish and studied in Spain, you could have a Mexican teacher and they will teach you a different type of Spanish (vocab, accent, expressions, and slang).

Or, if you are learning English and studied American English, taking lessons with a British teacher will give you another perspective.

Once you have be around other accents and cultures, the more you can adapt to future people.

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