Third Week of TEFL

Halloween! In my past travels, many people have told me that their country doesn’t celebrate Halloween or at least to the extent of the United States. For those around my age, the previous weekend was full of costumes at the different nightlife locations, but that can be attributed to my age and partying. It can

Second week of TEFL

This second week had a lot of material to cover. We learned how to teach different parts of learning a language: speaking, listening, and reading as well as more grammar. At the end of the week, we had a grammar quiz to keep us in check for the final, most important test at the end.

My first week of TEFL class

It was the first week of TEFL class! We are a group of 10 students- the seven from the flat/apartment and Is from the US, Mi, a world traveler, and Z from the Czech Republic. It is interesting to have a native Czech speaker in class. We call him our resident Czech expert. He has been

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