3 regrets of a Language Learner

Let’s talk dirty about language learning. And by dirty, I mean the struggles, the ugly of learning a language. Here are my 3 regrets as a language learner.

I have learned 2 languages thus far and looking forward to more! But each time, I face 3 things that I regret putting myself through.

I write them down to share with you to help me, but also to make sure you don’t have the same regrets! But it is hard not to!

Not filming myself speak / read out loud when I was starting

Now that I speak fluently, it is hard for me to remember what I was like at the very beginning. Filming yourself or a loved one could seem mean or cruel, but it is rather inspirational moving forward!

In the future, you can look back and feel proud of the achievements you have made.

Not giving myself enough credit (looking in hindsight)

This works with filming yourself, but it could just be in general. Remind yourself that you have made great strives in your language learning and though you feel you might have hit a slow moment, know that you deserve credit!

I know it is hard to look at the positive, but giving ourselves credit and praise is the best form!

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Being scared to play around with the sentences

While you are learning or having those moments of doubt, it can be scary and difficult to play around with sentence creation in your target language.

But, you should do it! How can we learn if we don’t try? As an English teacher, I strive to ensure my students speak in grammatically correct sentences; however, do native speakers do? Sometimes not!

So, why not have some fun and put different words together? You might discover some sentence creations are actually what native speakers say!

Or at least you can claim to be a poet!

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