Who is Online English & Spanish Teacher Genesis?

Genesis has been teaching for 7 years. She started her teaching career in Mexico, her home country, but then met her husband and moved to France with him. She currently lives in France and is actively taking French lessons.

Like My Open Passport Language School, Genesis believes that learning more languages is a meaningful mission and can encourage personal growth as well. We welcome her as an online language teacher!

Why does Genesis Teach English?

She spent her university years studying English and how to teach a language. She found learning English was helpful in her day-to-day life, but as well as for traveling and connecting with others. Due to this realization, she dedicated her career to helping others find their purpose and love for learning a second language or even a third language.

She enjoys teaching English just as much as her native language, Spanish, as an online language teacher.

An Inspirational Story about Genesis and Her Perseverance

Genesis learned firsthand how essential a teacher is to guiding the student towards any goal. For Genesis, this experience happened at university where her thesis professor didn’t give her enough structure and tools to help her succeed.

This didn’t deter her, however. She wanted to succeed and knew she needed a supportive mentor so she went to her academic coordinator. However, her coordinator simply shrugged her shoulders and said she would have to re-do her year and, therefore, her thesis. This just made her more determined.

After searching for a bit, Genesis found her mentor in another professor who was familiar with the process. He offered his time to help her write her thesis with one condition: commitment and responsibility.

She went to work. After two and a half months of intense study, research, and self-motivation, Genesis wrote more than half of her thesis. This mentor encouraged her to sign up for a thesis forum to present part of her project in front of experts. This experience allowed her to speak in front of an audience before graduating, but also, allowed her to receive valuable feedback.

Her thesis was met with success, which then convinced the academic coordinator to change her final grade so she could continue her program without having to re-do the year.

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