3 Reasons to Change Teachers

Here at My Open Passport Language School, we are encourage deep relationships between students and teachers. It take a few classes to get into a routine and rhythm and often, seeing progress can take months. Each student is unique and each teacher has their own style!

We offer a variety of teachers to help you achieve your goals and it actually might be a benefit to change your teacher every once and awhile!

Here are 3 reasons to change your teachers.

No longer outside your comfort zone

You might have been with your current teacher for several years at this point. It could be quite comfortable for you and your classes no longer push you to try new things.

Changing your teacher for this reason does not mean your current teacher is bad, it just means that you want to keep growing and improving.

Changing teachers doesn’t mean changing schools, however. At My Open Passport Language School, we ensure that each teacher is properly trained and certified, but give them the freedom to develop their classes how they want so, therefore, each teacher provides a different experience.

You don’t have to change your teacher outright. If you have 2 classes a week, you could have one class with one teacher and the other with a second teacher.

Can hear different accents and styles of speaking

Humans do not speak the same. Even within one language, there are different styles. Some people can word things differently, use different vocab, and have a different accent.

Changing teachers can provide you with a different perspective. This is especially true if you are transitioning to a more advanced level and want a more native speaking teacher to teach you all those little differences.

Learn new things

As mentioned, each teacher is different, each lesson is unique. This means that you will most likely be learning new things. For example, our founding teacher, Marinella, is an expert at traveling and marketing and can offer lessons dedicated to that. While another teacher has experience living abroad in Taiwan and Thailand or another currently lives in France.

Each teacher offers their own life perspective to their lesson and the students can benefit from these!

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