Arturo is from Bogota, Colombia. He currently lives there with his wife and daughter and teaches English at a local school.

Arturo dedicates his career as well as his hobbies to communication. It might not seem related, but most of what he does is about sharing stories and experiences.

He enjoys singing and playing the guitar as well as acting in theater performances as well as voice-over acting roles. The underlying theme of all of these is communication!

Learning, speaking, and mastering English is no different!

Of course, Arturo has other hobbies that are not related to communication such as biking, playing soccer, and hiking in nature, but these still contribute to stories he can share with others!

And now, he can do so in two languages and, soon, a third language (French)!


English has always been a curious point for Arturo. Even though the English education system in Colombia wasn’t as strong as other places, he made it a point to self-learn and study hard. He was determined to achieve a high enough English level where he barely had an accent or no accent at all.

After years of studying and pursuing a university career in teaching English, he met his goal!

However, he knows that, just like in other aspects of life, one is always a student, always learning. His innate desire to keep learning, to keep using his brain to the fullest pushes him and his students feel this passion as they have made remarks that, because of him, they picked up English faster and easier than with other teachers.

AN INSPIRATIONAL STORY ABOUT Arturo AND His Passion for His Students

COVID was hard for everyone and Colombia was no different. When COVID shut down his school and transferred everything to online, Colombian students had a hard time adjusting. The tools were not readily available for all students so some students had a harder time keeping up with their studies than others.

Before, as a teacher, Arturo’s main goal was to help his students grow in their English language journey, but now, he found a new goal, a complimentary goal.

This goal was to not only help his students grow in their language journey, but also to help them maintain motivation and help them obtain external resources and tools such as tablets, cellphones, computers, groceries, etc.

He was so passionate for his students that he and his family contributed their own resources and he spent time fundraising. He shared his students’ stories and was able to acquire the necessary items for them.

Now, he realizes that his job is more than to teach, it is to be a satellite for help, a messenger for his students for both in person and online English and Spanish students.

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