Onward bound to Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

The question I get often is why Montreal.

The big reasons are that I dont need a visa and they speak French (so I can learn it). And no, I don’t know anyone in Montreal.

I thought pretty hard about where to go next and after weeding out places that, yes, I would love to go to, but were heavily promoted by friends and family, Montreal came to mind. I had decided while applying for my Czech Republic visa that Montreal would be a stop and so it must be what I, ME, want versus ideas given to me by others.

And, after my experience in Czech, I’m looking forward to learning a new language. I’m hoping that French would come more easily since I have Spanish already plus, in English, we use a lot of French words and expressions and if you are British or know British spelling, that is heavily French influenced.

I have some administrative things to do when I first land in Montreal, but then the fun stuff of looking for jobs and housing!

Reaching out to people to gain contacts in Montreals have sparked much excitement already.

It will also be nice to explore more of my own home continent and see friends again.

I doubt there will be any dull moment as Montreal is always holding festivals and activities throughout the year.

I can’t wait to share my time with you!