I was able to travel to Quebec City for Valentine’s Day weekend and here is what we did! However, you are more than welcome to use these ideas for other places around the world!

I hope I am able to help you plan a romantic trip! If you would like to read about more intercultural or multilingual relationships, be sure to check out my interview series!

As I am sure you are aware that Valentine’s Day is in February, which is in the middle of winter in Quebec, Canada. Here are more winter activities to do in Quebec City.

If you are planning this trip or perhaps another weekend in Quebec City or any Northern country/place in the winter, please pack warm clothes! It will be cold and snowy.

We managed to do all of this in one weekend, but you can focus on any of these in one weekend or in one Valentine’s Date.

Festival or Carnival for Valentine’s Day Weekend

Quebec City has a winter carnival that I was interested in going to. However, festivals or carnivals in general can be fun and romantic! The winter festival in 2020 wasn’t the best and I was actually disappointed, but I think it had great promise!

There are ice bars in different areas where you can get a drink from an ice cup and take pictures with the different ice sculptures. There was also an ice maze and other little games here and there. Normally, there is music playing with different dance floors.

The different lights at night also play off the ice and snow beautiful and can lead into a romantic mood as well. Most of the carnival takes place in the old part of Quebec City so you get to be surrounded by French like buildings.

Romantic Hotel Accommodations

A stereotypical item for a Valentine’s Day weekend! We had a gift certificate for a fancy hotel just outside Quebec City. The hotel is situated on a Native American Reservation actually. In the hotel, there is a little museum about the tribe and the people.

Throughout the hotel they have different skinned animals to give it the air of being truly in nature. They have a restaurant in the hotel as well, but the meals were quite expensive!

The room was really nice, a huge bed, a Keurig machine, a huge bathtub, soft bathrobes, etc.

Our room was on the ground floor and we also had a sliding glass door to the outside. Since it was winter, we didn’t open it, but I am sure in the summer it is really nice.

Go to a Spa and Get a Massage for Valentine’s Day Weekend

Part of the appeal of this hotel is that they also have a spa. We indulged ourselves with a massage and then we went into the outdoor spa pools. They had a few hot “tubs” and a few cold ones. The hot ones felt so nice, but then when exiting the water, the cold air hit that much harder.

They also had a steam room too.

Supposedly, as I am not a doctor, going between hot and cold help with your body’s system, helps it run better. All I know is, the hot water felt nice! It was cool being outside, surrounded by snow while lounging in heat.

Valentine’s Day Weekend Outdoor Activities

This weekend wasn’t just about relaxing! We also incorporated some skating and hiking. Quebec City has free outdoor skating around the city and we partook in one near the old city.

We also visited a waterfall and walked around there seeing how the water was frozen in motion, or so it looked at least! Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the nature!

Museums or Aquariums

The final item we did on this Valentine’s Day weekend was go to the aquarium. The aquarium in Quebec City has many touching pools, they might have stopped this due to COVID.

These touching pools grants a great opportunity for you and your date to get good photos and have fun with the animals. But be careful! The cold water can numb your sense of touch and you might squeeze the animals too hard (it has happened before).

The jellyfish section can be romantic as well. It is a dark space in order to let us humans see all the amazing neon colors of the jellyfish. There are also mirrors throughout to make the neon colors bounce around the room.

Food for Valentine’s Day Weekend

The best part of any date, in my opinion, is the food! My best advice for food while traveling on a date is to get food that has a lot of flavor!

One of the biggest “traditional” meals in Quebec is poutine. I don’t suggest this for a romantic Valentine’s Dinner, maybe a quick lunch when you roam around the city.

What we ended up eating was a poke bowl. We went to a local hub, got the food, and proceeded to eat it in our hotel room in our bathrobes. Sometimes the best dinner date is just some healthy food, comfortable setting, and warmth!

I hope I gave you some ideas for your next Valentine’s Day weekend trip or date. Even if you are staying home, try making some delicious food, getting a bathrobe on, maybe put on some cute videos about animals, and enjoy being together!

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