Its pretty common knowledge how horrible winters are in Quebec, Canada but here are some reasons to visit Quebec. Lots of snow, lots of ice, never-ending months. Many say the best time to go is during the summer and, yes, in fact it is quite beautiful in summer, but winter has its own charms. If you are looking for a place to travel during the winter, check out Quebec, Canada. In this article you’ll know some reasons to visit Quebec!

Reasons to visit Quebec

Carnival de Quebec

One of the best reasons to visit Quebec in Winters is The snow and Christmas lights among the old city of Quebec is enchanting. Let your mind wander with possibilities!

Ice skating

Pick any pond or lake! It’s so cold that any outdoor body of water freezes. Skating is free as long as you have your own skates. If you don’t, renting is not that expensive! Skate as long as you like (if renting, as long as the place is open).


There are several ski mountains in the province and this leads it to be some of the best reasons to visit Quebec. It isn’t as glamorous as the Rockies out West, but it does the job! But you don’t even have to leave Montreal as the mountain (Mount Royal) has cross country skiing at locals’ disposal.


Cabana a Sucre

This is one of the best reasons to visit Quebec. Who doesn’t like maple syrup? How about putting it on anything imaginable? That’s the Sugar Shack. Go hungry, leave with a food comma. Best time to enjoy is lunch over the weekends as you can laze away the afternoon with a warm full belly. Usually these Sugar Shacks also have farm animals and other winter activities.

La Nuit Blanche- Montreal

Take a peek at the outdoor carnival. Enjoy rides and eat from stands in this winter amusement park in the city of Montreal! One of the coolest reasons to visit Quebec, pun intended.

Christmas Markets (European influence)

Quebec is definitely the most European province. And with that, Christmas brings out that European style with Christmas markets. So many different markets to choose from! So beautiful!

Snow shoeing

Lots of resorts offer this, but so does Mount Royal, the mountain in Montreal. Feel free to explore this big park in the winter glory!

Igloofest- Montreal

Looking for great music with great people? Look no further than this electronic outdoor festival. Bundle up as it can get quite cold

Still vibrant nightlife

Just because its below freezing doesn’t mean locals don’t party. If anything, the nightlife is even more alive! So many different speakeasies and clubs….your weekend nights will never be busy!

Le 4 Mur- Check out my blogs on food/bars in Montreal: Part 1


Montreal and Quebec city have many fine museums that can help ward off chilly days. The Fine Arts museums, which is free the first Sunday of every month, is 5 buildings in total. Lots to see!

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