So, I’m still trying new cafes and restaurants! I mean what else is there to do in winter besides eat and where to eat in Montreal? 🤣 just kidding lots of things like skating and skiing.


Looking for where to eat in Montreal? Here are some places I’ve been to since the last blog:


Happening Gourmand at Tavern Gasper

So wondering where to eat in Montreal visit this place, I was lucky to go to this restaurant during this event of Happening Gourmand, where they had a brunch menu for 17$ (which is a special price due to the event). I got the fruit platter and then the Gourmand plate…it was so much food and so delicious! I think I ate maybe half….maybe less than half. The waitress was so nice as well! Since its in Old Port, I think its normally quite pricy, but the food is good and the location is nice so maybe worth it on a normal day?


Juliette and Chocolat

Are you a sweet enthusiast and looking for where to eat in Montreal to satisfy your sweet cravings try Juliette and Chocolat! As the name suggests….so much chocolate! There big thing is crepes- sweet or savory. The first time I was there I got a savory crepe and then had a dessert crepe after (their meal deal). The second time I got sweet waffles, which was really good.


La Belle et La Bouef

I first went with my 2 coworkers just to get out of the office. I just got a soda, which was a bit confusing because on the menu they said they had orange fountain soda, but that was orange juice (they also had a juice section) and so the only soda was Stewart in a bottle (also had a separate section for that).
However, the burgers my coworkers got looked good so I went back again and got a Nuclear burger, which is warned to be super spicy/hot. They even brought it out to me with a nuclear mask/gas mask on….a bit excessive in my opinion. I have a high tolerance for spicy so this was good, but I wasnt crying/needing to drink milk (what you need to drink with spicy food, water makes it worse).


3 Amigos

Thinking about a Mexican cuisine and where to eat in Montreal? well This is “tex mex,” but its still not that good haha in terms of authentic mexican. Its good food, just not sooo authentic. However, I have gotten enchiladas with mole, which have been good and the second time, got a big size margarita, which was delicious.


Mei Restaurant

Hole in the wall Asian place that only accepts cash or debit. Their dumplings and steamed buns are great!


Kahwa Cafe

Nice atmosphere and cool decorations. It looks small on the outside, but the inside is quite big. They also are very generous with their coffee portions.

Mayfair Bar

Its a bit expensive posh cocktail bar. We got here as last choice haha, but the drinks are delicious even though it was pricy. Definitely go before 10pm as things start getting busy and it turns more into a club for young 20 year olds than a lounge.


Lockhart Bar

We wanted to try this Harry Potter bar. The decorations are kind of on theme and the drinks are really on point in terms of name. We didnt get to drink anything because you need to order food with the alcohol. They dont have a bar license so they cant just serve alcohol. And each member of the party needs an entree. No splitting a dish. So we left since we werent hungry to eat.


Cafe Replika

Nice cafe. Lots of students studying. The food is mainly simple sandwiches. The pictures online look good, but when I actually saw the menu….I was disappointed. I dont know if they changed menus since those photos or what, but I didnt see anything similar to what I saw online.

Pit Caribou Pub

Nice brewery pub. The beer was good and they have different sizes from a local brewery.

Mad Hatter bar

A bit underground, which brought me back to Prague days. The drinks are pretty good, but a big draw is that thwy have good Mac N Cheese for 5$….and a lot of it!

Taverne St. Sacrament and Les Torches

Both are simple bars, but their beers are good and the vibe is nice.

3 Brasseurs

They have some crazy drinks like beer lemonade and other cocktail things. Their entrees are also delicious, but a bit pricy.

Coldroom Bar

Another speakeasy. Its the gray door on the corner by the alley. A host keeps going up and down the stairs bringing people in (the bar is in the basement). Its quite a small space and its like you are in the barrel room of a brewery. Its a set menu of a few drinks, but they are good.
In terms of speakeasy, its pretty good, but I still am a fan of Cloakroom bar.

Qing Hua Dumpling

They have so many options! I want to go again to try more since Ive onlu been once. They give a lot for the price and its really good. I got the fried, but the steamed looked better!

Saint Bock

This is a sports bar pub as it has a variety of TVs with sports playing. It actually reminded me of a bar in Prague because the beer list was long and you ordered based on number rather than name. The food is food, basic pub food. I got the bleu cheese burger, which was quite generois portions- I had to take it home (and made my own poutine with the leftover fries haha). I think its a bit pricy for a sports bar, but it is on tourist street so…makes sense.

Im still eating around! But I might get to a point where I wont have new places to go to…….maybe next year haha.
Bon appetit!

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