After going to Alaska twice, a friend asked me to compile her a list, here are my suggestions for Alaska and the Yukon Territory.


There are 2 big national parks in Alaska and worth the visit.

-Glacier Bay National Park

Is near Juneau and one can take a boat tour of the magnificent glaciers. One normally flies over from Juneau.

Along with Juneau to see as the captiol city, it also holds the

-Mendenhal glacier.

-Denali National Park

In between Fairbanks and Anchorage, Denali holds North America’s tallest mountain and the third in the world.

Denali is more of a back country place. There are not many marked trails like in Yellowstone or Yosemite. If you like back country things, here is the place!

For those who want to get back into the park or for those just wanting to see around, there are shuttle buses, some with tours, that take you down the park road. It is closed from mile 15 onwards to non-park vehicles.

Be sure to go in the morning as more animals are active. The bus drivers are good about pointing out animals.

My suggestion is to stay at Wonderlake, at the end of the park road. It is beautiful and, therefore, always full so make reservations!

Another thing to do in Alaska is see the

-Sled Dogs

One can do them in the park, there is a free shuttle and free demonstration at the kennel, but other mushers put on shows and rides throughout Alaska.

Coming out of the parks, but of the same name is

-Denali Highway

One side of this road starts in between Denali Park and Anchorage and ends before Tok.

It is cited in a variety of articles as one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Make sure to go during sunny weather to see the mountain ranges! It is dirt and gravel so take caution with your car.

Another road that effects your car is the Dalton Highway or the Haul Road leading from Fairbanks to the most Northern point in Alaska, Deadhorse. I dont recommend doing this road as there arent that many great views; however, many people find the

-Arctic Circle

A thing to see and take pictures with the sign. There is only a sign there, but still cool. On the way up, you will see the pipeline as well.

Besides Fairbanks and Anchorage as the 2 biggest cities to see, Alaska has many other small cities or big towns such as






Soldotna and Ketchikan have great opportunities to see salmon runs and perhaps catch one yourself. Skagway has an old train and Western city vibe. Chicken is cool because, well, the name. And finally, Haines is a lovely town, not so touristy like Ketchikan and Skagway, though cruise ships also enter here, but around the USA and Canadian border are lovely views of mountains and trees. This road also has many info panels on the history of Haines Highway, which is very interesting.

All, but Soldotna and Chicken are on the inside passage (coastline of Alaska and Canada going South). One can take a


from each of these small towns to the next. The ferry is quite comfortable and offers great scenic views. You might also get to see some whales and other marine life without having to pay for a special tour. The ferry is a bit expensive, especially with a vehicle as a forewarning.

As for the

Yukon Territory

I haven’t explored extensively, but here are my highlights to you.

-Top of the World Highway

As the name suggests it is the top. You are on par with other mountain tops and looking down is cool. And plus, it is cool to say you were on THE TOP OF THE WORLD. Haha.

-Dawson city

It has a cool vibe! The buildings are from the goldrush days and are very well preserved. The restaurants are delicious and the Yukon river is near there.

Kluane Park

Kluane Park is near Haines Junction and it is very beautiful and less touristy than Denali Park. Im not sure on organized paths, but it looks great for back country hiking/trekking. Also, lots of wildlife can be seen.

Overall comments

My final words are go in July as August has the turn of the weather to Autumn.

I explored via car and via bicycle. Go by car. Bicycle is a lovely experience and you can see things more because you are going so slowly, but you are going slowly. After a certain point, it all looks the same…

And if the weather does change randomly, a car is more comfortable.

I hope this helps in your planning adventures 😊