Another part 1 series. I am sure I will be visiting more museums in Montreal as I live here in Montreal, but so far, I had time to visit some museums and let me tell you about them!

McCord Museum

Full Admission was about 17 CAD and Student was about 12 CAD

Has a few temporary exhibits. The exhibit I wanted to see was about Oglivy’s Christmas display windows (a department store in Montreal). I thought there was going to be more displays, but there were only 2. One outside and one inside. They were quite old and I think for a native Montrealer, have a lot of history and meaning, but as a new Montrealer, they were alright.

Pointe-a-Calliere Museum or the Archaeological Museum

When I was there the video exhibit and some other exhibits were in the middle of changing so every price was the student discounted price. This was really cool and definitely not to be missed. Underground are leftover footprints of ancient Montreal. It definitely gives a good history background to the city and area and it’s one of the best museums in Montreal. Another exhibit I really liked, though I think it was temporary, was the phone exhibit by Bell. I am a big fan of Cable Girls or Las Chicas del Cable on Netflix and liked seeing the old telephone operator equipment. There was also a little piece on smartphones, which made me laugh as I remember (yes, I am old enough!) a time before smartphones.

Basilique Notre Dame

A very lovely church! Super colorful. It is famous for its color, but also because Celine Dion (Princess of Quebec) was married there. It was about 6 dollars per person. There are free tours that run regularly. Check the schedule.

Chateau Ramezy

This is a nice little Chateau in the middle of the city. It provided a nice history of the city and area as well, but since I went around Christmas, it also had some Christmas facts, which were cool. There was also an exhibit on World War 1 heroes and flowers. This was interesting and sad and many fell during the war. I don’t remember prices anymore, but there is definitely student admission. Funny enough, the credit card system wasn’t working so she took down my information old school way with the tracer.

Museums in Montreal of Fine Arts

I went with someone with a pass so I didn’t need to buy a ticket. But this place is huge. It has your basic artists, but also some locals, which was cool. It took 3 hours with the last hour walking really fast to sort of finish.

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