This isn’t particularly a travel post in terms of exploring a new area, but I needed to share the chaos that has been these weeks.

Leaving Salt Lake City….fitting after the bicycle trip this past summer

First, I moved to Montreal. No, I did not know anyone prior- no friends, family, no boy, etc.I was here 8 days. Within those days I applied for jobs, met several cool people, and got an apartment.

View of the Village in Montreal

I then flew back to the West Coast to attend a funeral in British Columbia, but because flights were cheaper going internationally, I flew from Montreal to Spokane, Washington with a layover in Denver.
Let me just get into the drama that ensued.
My flight from Montreal was delayed 2 hours. Why? Well, first the pilot decided that we didn’t have enough fuel and if the pilot thinks that who am I to argue? So we had to wait for another fuel truck and because that took awhile, we had to wait for another flight plan. In the meanwhile, a passenger in business class decided he wanted to get off the plane….and GO TO A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DESTINATION. The pilot made that sassy announcement. So we had to wait for customer service to come and collect him and get his bag from the hold.
The romantic in me decided he realized the love of his life was in another city and not in Denver. At least, that is the only way I could not be annoyed with the situation.
By this time, there was no way I was going to catch my connecting flight in Denver. We landed at 7.40 pm and my flight to Spokane was leaving at 7.14 pm. So, yeah, missed it. The airlines gave me a hotel voucher and food. The shuttle was very late in coming to pick us up from the airport, but no matter.
As you might know by now from reading my blog posts, I am a hostel girl. The airlines put me up in a fancy hotel- I mean, there was a waterfall inside. I was not used to such luxury.

I grabbed dinner and went to bed. The next morning, my flight to Spokane was at 7.50 am. I thought I had enough time to order breakfast, but to my dismay, ordering it to go still made me miss the 6.15 am shuttle to the airport. Meaning, the next shuttle was at 6.45. It was about a 20 minute ride to the airport.
I panicked. Now it is 6.45 and still no shuttle. I ordered an Uber. My driver was such a sweet man who definitely sped a little for me.
I arrived at the airport at 7 am and with my luck, I couldn’t self check in. Also, luckily, I had no bags to check in. So, a nice man originally from New Jersey had to check me in due to the problems from Montreal.
I managed to get through security and was on my way to the gates at 7.28. Oh, the gate closing time was at 7.35. And the train dropped me off at gate B10 and my gate was at B91. Yup.
I ran.
I also managed to trip and fell to the floor- one of my bags ripping. The man in front of me turned around- I fell so loud he heard me:
“Are you ok?”
“Yup!” I picked up my things and continued running. I made a detour to another gate to ask them to call ahead to let them know I was coming,
“I can let them know, but I can’t hold the plane.”
I ran. And ran. And ran.
Finally, I get to gate B91 and I see the terminal moving away from the plane. I almost start crying and ask one of the attendants,
“Is it closed now?”
“Are you going to Spokane? That is now at gate B80.”
“Are you kidding me?” I cry and ran back.
As I approached, I see a large gathering of people. I drop to the floor.
“We will begin boarding the flight to Spokane, shortly.” I groaned. I just ran all this way to not even the start of boarding. Well, better for me.
I ended up sitting next to a lovely woman and we chatted the whole way there.
Now, that was fine and dandy. The funeral was very lovely. My family was very amazed that I went to Montreal just for 8 days and then flew back for 4 days (but really just two whole days with family). Yes, because that is what family does.

Anyways, I am about to fly back to Montreal. I have a layover in Chicago, but upon checking in at Spokane to Chicago, the woman couldn’t find me.
“What do you mean you can’t find me?”
“I mean, I can see you are supposed to fly today, but I don’t have access to that information.”
“Ok, but my flight leaves in an hour and I still need to get through security.” I said cautiously thinking of my ankle that is still throbbing from my fall in Denver.
“Yes, well, the flight to Chicago is actually delayed by an hour. Did anything happen on your flight from Montreal to Denver?”
I told her the issue. She then proceeded to call several people and bring two supervisors over to solve the problem.
“There! The issue was that you booked through United, but Air Canada took over the reservation when you had the problem in Montreal. But everything is all good to go!”
“What does this delay mean for my layover in Chicago? Will I make it?”
She looks at her screen,
“Uh, you should have time. Good luck.”
I laugh. This whole trip was a disaster. It turned out that my flight from Chicago was also delayed so I made it on time.
However, when I arrived in Montreal, the issues didn’t stop haha.
I bought a week pass at the airport for the transportation system (it was a Saturday). From my past travels, usually, a week pass means it is valid that day for 7 days. When I got on the bus to go to the city center, it beeped red, but the driver just waved me on. I get to the metro to go to my new apartment and it beeped red. I asked the attendant.
“You bought a week pass. It won’t start until Monday till the next Sunday.” Since it was 12:30 in the morning, I almost started crying, I just wanted to go home and sleep. He felt bad for me and swiped me through.
I eventually made it back to my apartment and then proceeded to blow up my air mattress…which I currently still have…haha, not to worry, my room and apartment is slowly becoming furnished and I will be getting a real bed soon!
I am quite proud of my furniture thus far- being a cabinet/dresser from the street, a lovely porcelain lamp for 5 CAD, and a small dresser for 15 CAD from a thrift store.
Part from this, I had to open a bank, file health insurance paperwork, and sign up for French lessons. I managed to get an English teaching job for children on weekends- so my TEFL came in handy!
Now you are up to speed haha!