I was recently hosted on Stuck on the Go! Read my full article there about New England and the reasons I fell in Love with the area!

Here’s a short tidbit:

I have traveled through New England as a tourist growing up, but I fully learned about the culture when I moved to Boston from California.

Many thought I was crazy because- why leave beautiful sunny California for the winters in Boston?

Yes California is beautiful, but I really fell in love with New England for these reasons:

1) The history of the United States had a lot of presence in New England.

2) There is amazing nature.

3) Things are close.

4) Seasons!

5) New England offers some traditional United States cuisine.

6) Come Visit New England for the Literature.

7) Are You Sports Crazy?

I hope you get a chance to read the full article! And be sure to stay tunned for Stuck on the Go’s guest post here!

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