For my women readers, we have a treat for you! My next guest posting from Ashley from Dream Travel on a Budget is all about local things women do in Brazil. If you are woman, she writes on how you can get into the local culture!

Want to look and feel like a local in Brazil? Brazilians are known for looking their best and feeling their best. They are known for their beautiful hair and their stunning bodies. These exciting activities are known to make every woman look and feel her best in Brazil.

Get your Hair Done

Want a different hair experience? Ever wonder why Brazilians have such beautiful hair? Brazil is famous for their bone straight Brazilian blowouts used with a high heat blow dryer. Among all the other local things women do in Brazil, they also use different hair products then in the states do. They use natural Brazilian fruits, oils, and plants to give your hair the best healthy nutrients, to maintain it’s natural glow. There blowouts will have your hair feeling like silk and make you feel like a local all at the same time. You could also switch it up and add a little color.

Wear a Brazilian Swimsuit

If you really want to embrace the culture, this is definitely one of the local things women do in Brazil! Be daring and step out of your comfort zone and wear a local Brazilian thong bikini, besides; it is very normal to wear a thong bikini on the beach in Brazil. Evidently, it is not normal to be covered up on the beaches in Brazil. If you have decided to be daring there are many cool swimwear and T-shirt boutiques near tourists areas.

Go to the Beach as a Local Things Women Do in Brazil

Who doesn’t love going to the beach, especially in a different country. The beaches in Brazil are beautiful, in addition; the sunsets are mind blowing. One of the most famous beaches in Rio De Janeiro, is Copacabana beach. Copacabana is vibrant and so full of life, in addition, there’s so many fun things to do on the beach. Enjoy the beautiful soft white sand, glowing sun, and as many caipirinha’s (Brazil national drink) as you want.

local things women do in Brazil
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Wear a sexy carnival outfit as a Local Things Women Do in Brazil

Carnival is one of the most exciting and fun local things women do in Brazil, You will have an unbelievable mind blown experience at carnival. Carnival is a time to feel alive and live a little or maybe a lot… lol. Getting dolled up with colorful make up and extravagant costumes with jewels and feathers was so much one of the local things to have fun. When it’s not carnival, you can still wear a Carnival costume at the stadium they have little shops you can rent out a costume or you can try one on and take pictures with the carnival ladies.

Go shopping as a Local Things Women Do in Brazil

Who doesn’t love shopping? It’s always exciting to go shopping. There are so many places to go shopping in Brazil. The malls in Brazil is where you get the brand name items from, it’s a bit more expensive than the US. The known stores are more costly in Brazil than in the U.S. however, the variety and selection of the clothes are so cool and stylish. Then you have the flea markets, which have many different stores inside selling local things from Brazilian swimwear to unique souvenirs. There’s pop up shops with booths and tables outside on the side walk, where the locals sell their products. The booths have really affordable prices because they make and sell their own products. This was my favorite seeing every item there was handmade by a local Brazilian. In addition, they had local music performances with live bands and local street food. There was concrete space to dance and to actually enjoy the music.

Hit the town in the Lapa District

If you really want to enjoy the night and party like a local woman in Brazil, then you have to end the night at the Lapa district. This is the coolest and most entertaining hang out for all the locals. There are beautiful sexy people at every corner and in every bar. The food carts were amazing there was so many food options, it was literally two blocks of food carts to choose from. The cool thing was they give you so much food for a price you can NOT beat. The drinks were huge and so delicious, a lot of mixed fruit drinks but still strong in alcohol. The best part was the entertainment, the samba band came out with different drums and played different samba songs for about 30 minutes. There were so many of them and they even danced with the people in the crowds. The band made everyone loosen up and just enjoy the night, and that’s exactly what we did!

When a group of us traveled to Brazil for my birthday, these were the LOCAL things that us ladies had to experience only in Brazil.  We made it our mission to check off these exciting activities from our Brazil bucket list! 

We came, we saw, we played, and we conquered!!! 

Guest poster who writes about local things women do in Brazil

This article was created by Ashley Lowe from She loves to travel and when she’s not traveling, she’s working as an airline agent. She loves exciting outdoor adventures and stuffing  her face with delicious authentic food. She loves exploring this beautiful and unique world, she believes everyone should get the chance to explore it too. So her blog is all about traveling on a budget! Tips and tricks to saving money for all your dream travels. You can also follow her on Pinterest, instagram, and Facebook @dreamtravelonabudget and twitter @dreamtravel100. 

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