This guest post is contributed from No Foundations, Please. Sara is an expat from Italy living in London and she writes about her journey and adventures. She has given us a taste of London in this walking guide (post) of hers! Be sure to check out the full article as well as any other London information on her site.

If you have one day and not sure what to do, this is the itinerary (walking guide) for you about London! Or if you will be in London a few days and just want to schedule things out, this itinerary (walking guide) of London will help you do that!

“I’m excited because today I will tell you more about my favourite area of London.” Sara writes,

“Are you ready to discover the best things to visit? I will bring you to London Bridge, Borough Market, Westminster and Tower of London.”

Just in true English fashion, the weather in London, England can be unpredictable. She advises, and I second, to check the forecast. Make sure to time your touring on sunny days or at least bring some good rain gear!

Breakfast at Borough Market

She starts out her itinerary with going to “Borough Market after 9 am, locals will have finished breakfast and already leading to the office.”

But, don’t just take a picture and leave. Make sure to enjoy yourself and buy a “freshly made pastry or sausage roll” or any other delicious options!

She gives a few options to eat for breakfast in Borough Market:

Bread Ahead, a famous bakery school of Borough Market. There is a cool view over the kitchen, she writes, when you go straight to the bakery. This view gives you a nice observation point of bakers and you will get swarmed with the tasty smell of fresh bread.

You can’t go to England and not try porridge! It is a very popular dish, she writes, and one of the tasty places to get it is at Stoney Street by 26 Grains.

If you are looking for meat, The Ginger Pig, is a “very famous butcher of London” as “they sell the best sausage roll in Borough Market.” My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

But of course, with all this touring, we will need some coffee! Check out Monmouth Coffee Company for a cup! She writes, “If you see a long queue, that is the right place. Locals buy coffee beans from all over the World. One thing to remember, they have only regular milk. (Unless, they recently decided to offer alternative options). The place is very tiny, and you may not seat. They have a toilet on the basement, you can’t tell that they have it. (just in case you need it).”

She gives more food tips about London on her blog, but for now, let’s continue to tour with some sites and sights! It is definitely making me hungry!

She gives a pro tip: “Hassle-free tip: Avoid Saturdays. On Sundays the market is closed. However, if you are into architecture this is the perfect day to go. Tuesday to Thursday are the least busiest day. Please check the opening hours.

Places to Visit

Keep going towards Tower Bridge, which is in the East.

In this direction, we will find a few major places to check out:

The Shard, built by Renzo Piano. It’s the tallest building in the United Kingdom (for the moment).

Another place we can’t miss is Hay’s Galleria. Check out the “beautiful sculpture called “The Navigator,” which actually honours the origins of the place, as it was one of the major wharves of London,” she mentions.

Finally, there is the HMS Belfast, which was a warship used during WWII. She writes that it is part of the “five branches of the Imperial War Museums (There is the IWM in Lambeth, about 10/15 mins away from there).”

And viola, we have made it to the Tower Bridge. Take as many photos as you want!

She gives a fun fact that the Tower Bridge has a slight light blue hue. Before 1977, it was brown and before that it was greenish and blue. So weird that it changes!

She gives a pro tip: “Hassle-free tips: what if your photo will have a lift drawbridge? It doesn’t happen too often, better to check.

More Locations to Visit

Depending on your timing you can visit four other locations, which are easily reached from the Tower Bridge and will give you a nice view of London.

The Tower of London is formerly a castle and a prison, but within there is a museum that one can admire The Crown Jewels. Also, it’s one of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in London. I loved seeing The Crown Jewels when I was there, but there was a lot of people!

If you would like some less people time, head over to the peaceful and magical St. Katharine Dock’s Marina. This location will make you feel like you are not in London due to the Shard in the background.

Maybe having a walk 42 meters above the Thames on a glass floor will interest you?

She states “my favourite spot for a photo… Here I’m going to be sassy!

I prefer to share it with you privately. Otherwise next time I will go to take a photo I will have to queue. It’s a very narrow place and sometimes when the Thames is in flood you can’t really go to close. (I hope you will understand).”

Has she caught your interest? She definitely has caught mine! I was in London back in 2012 for the Queen’s Jubilee (60 years on the throne) so I think it’s time I go back! Do you agree?

Fun Fact: The Queen, as of 2020, has been on the throne for 68 years!!! The longest reigning monarch in history. Queen Victoria was 60.

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