There are so many palaces to see in Potsdam and my friend wanted to see them all!

We had a bit of a late start, but we managed to see the majority in a day trip. We didn’t go into any of them, but the outside was plenty enough! Most of them were situated in Sanssouci park and we walked to all of them and then took the bus to the last ones we looked at.

Tip: We bought an all day pass for Berlin and that worked for the transportation in Potsdam and we took an S-Bahn train to Potsdam.

The following are in Sanssouci Park, we walked the park in a circle starting with Sanssouci:

Tip: Sanssouci is the more popular one out of all the ones in Potsdam, my recommendation if you want to go inside is to get there early or buy tickets in advance if you can.





New Palace


Chinese House


Belvedere on Klausberg



Charlottenhof Palace


The next two palaces are in the Neuer Garten or New Garden park:




 Marmorpalais (or Marble Palace)


Tip: This park, and the Marble Palace, is situated on a beautiful lake. Maybe spend a bit more time here for pictures and just enjoying the atmosphere.

I hope this post has inspired you to go visit Potsdam. It’s a lovely little town and deserves to be seen along with Berlin. It juxtaposes two historical periods- Berlin: Communist era with the Wall and Potsdam: the Royal Era.