​I believe what really put this place on the map is The Shroud of Turin.
Sound familiar?
This….blanket as my friend called it….has the impression of a dead man, which many have taken as Jesús after he was crucified. Truthfully, the image has many similarities to the wounds of Jesus.
You can’t see the actually thing due to preservatiom, but a copy is displayed over the box the original is kept in.

Funny enough I watched a documentary on the Shroud and all scientists can agree that it’s super old so it’s cool for that, but there is a division on how the image got there. Of course there is the religious aspect. Then there is the science:
1. Could be the first photo (please don’t ask me to explain haha, but the video made it work).

2. It was painted

3. It is actually from a dead body (they tried with a dead pig and sorta got the same results) (pigs and humans have the same body composition so many use it for murder invesitgations, etc).
The church is quite beautiful and it’s free to enter. Near the church is some ruins of old Roman gates.
I took the bus to and from Turin as it was cheaper and about the same time as the teain. Plus, free WiFi and phone charger.
I got in about 12.20, I got a bit of a late start. Actually, I was debating heavily about going to Cinque Terre, but decided against it as I was so exhausted from lack of sleep (please see Milan post) and it appeared it needed more than a day to do it justice.
However, Turin is quite small and didn’t need much time, I left on the 16.30 bus.
I really liked the streets of Turin. They were quaint and all the balconies appeared to be lovely. There were no ugly modern ones. I thought that was cool.

I didn’t go into any museums, but if you do I suppose you need a full day. I just wandered around the streets, going where I thought looked good. They have a river going through and so I went down there. There is also a villa that looked pretty online; however it was a bit far to walk and I was a bit lazy to try the public transport so I didn’t go.
I also almost missed the big monument of Turin. So I had to trace my steps back to see it.

Near the end of the day, I went to a cafe to get a drink, buy my bus ticket back, and use the restroom. I asked what they recommended and they offered this hot chocolate with coffee, milk, and cream that was supposedly from there. It was delicious.

However, I’m not sure if it was my time from the restaurant in Milan, but I think the waitress was being tricky with me. I’m not sure if this drink was really from Turin or it was just the most expensive thing on the menu, but it was 4 euros and totally delicious…however, the waitress told me 5 euros, but when I went to pay I only paid 4. I don’t know what happened. And it was her English because she held up 5 fingers. Though at first I thought she said 4 and at which point she said 5 and with her hand….anyways-

Just like Como, once I went to the restroom and came out to order it was packed with people. It’s like people are seeing where I go and then follow me!
Italy has this bar culture in the cafes. Meaning, if you stand at the bar with your coffee it’s cheaper. It’s also meant for quick espresso runs. I decided to stand at the bar this time.

Turin is a nice day trip. If you don’t really care about the Shroud, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend coming here. It’s a nice town, but not much to do. I went for a variety of reasons.
1. I know I’ll be back in Italy especially to Florence

2. I need to do Pisa and Bologna

3. From here, I’ll do Cinque Terre and some other places

4. Turin is a bit out of the way being close to France
I also went to Turin for the Shroud- I come from a Catholic background and I already saw the Last Supper painting so why not.