I must admit that I didn’t eat out much in Madrid due to being on a budget; however, the places I did eat were lovely and I highly recommend them!

1. El Tigre

A friend of mine recommended it to me and it was great. You order a drink and they bring you tapas as well. I went with S and 2 others and for 4 drinks and 4 plates of food it was 20 euros or 5 each.


The only vegetarian options are tapas of bread, cheese, and potatoes.

2. Churreria de San Gines

This place is one of the most famous churro spots in Madrid. It was quite busy when we were there. They have a store front for take away only, an entrance to sit outside, and an entrance to eat inside. Inside include either sitting at a table or eating at the bar (standing up). Due to the crowd of people we decided to eat at the bar as we got our food right away and it wasn’t as packed.

There are 2 types of churros, thin and large. You get more pieces with the thin ones. We decided to get an order of 6 thin ones with hot chocolate and 2 large ones with hot chocolate. It was delicious. (You dip the churros into the hot chocolate as well as drink it). This cost 8 euros and was enough to fill me till lunch.


3. Gandario bar

This is another tapas bar; however, unlike El Tigre, this bar is more for raciones or rations meaning they are bigger plates than tapas so more like a meal, but still tapa like.

Their claim to fame are their tablets with French fries and meats on top with different sauces for dipping.


2 drinks and a smallish plate cost 13.40 euros. It was a lot of food!

Actually, the food took so long to come out that they gave us another round of drinks for free for the wait, which was really nice.

4. TGB- The good burger

This is a chain, but it was quite good. On Thursdays, they have a 2 for one promotion. The burgers are about the size of the palm of your hand so not that big, but with a small serving of fries between the two of us it was filling. With the promotion is cost about 8 euros (with 2 beers).


-Bar Sierra

We wanted to go to this tapa bar as it is even cheaper than El Tigre with more selection of tapas, but it was closed for a holiday the day we wanted to go and a previous day we arrived late and it wad too packed. Even though I didn’t get to try the food this time, I still recommend it.


Dinner time is around 9-10 pm in Spain.

Happy eating!

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