My time in Karlsruhe was more about visiting an old friend than exploring the town. There really isn’t much to see in Karlsruhe. They have a palace, but since there is just one it’s just called palace (Schloss). It hosts didn’t exhibits throughout the year. During my time there it had an exhibit on Ramses. My friend and her fiancé showed me around the shopping streets. Karlsruhe is pretty cool in terms that originally all the roads led to the palace. It was shaped like a fan where the palace was the point.


Karlsruhe is also known to the locals as the place of the construction. They are attempting to put a subway system in because the main shopping road is too small for the trams and the cars along with the pedestrians. So they are going to make a subway to get rid of the trams; however, it won’t be big enough for all trams so once that is finished they are going to move the rest of the trams to another street and build another underground tunnel for the cars. The subway construction has been going on for several years. With no foreseeable future end date. So, the construction is now part of the “tourist attractions.” They literally have postcards with scenes of the different construction zones.


My friend and her fiancé, J and P, respectively, are both school teachers and taught me quite a bit of the German school system. There are different levels if you will: the main school, the “real” school, and the A level school. Some is lost in translation. They both teach at the A level school, which prepares the students to go to university meaning that these students will go to university versus the other schools won’t. J was telling me that the “real” school also has home-ec classes that teaches the students real life things, unfortunately companies want at least a real school certificate now and those who go to the main school tend to not get jobs when they graduate. It’s sad.


On a happier note. It was a pleasure seeing her again after these 5 years. I met her in Spain during my gap year as well and then I visited her in Germany on my gap year months later. I’m looking forward to seeing her yet again in a few months for her wedding!

My first night we went to a restaurant and had some local foods and beer. There were some interesting options. Such as meat spaghetti for a lack of a better description and German ravioli. In this area of Germany, Baden-Baden, they have a special pasta called spätzle. I tried a little of everything and it was all good.


One of their teacher friends joined us. They do have a cool program for German teachers. Teach for 3 years with 75% of your salary and your 4th year you can take a year off and get the remaining 75%. So he was planning on doing that and we talked about his travel options. As I am obsessed with South America I brought it up,

“I know there is something there, but it doesn’t appeal to me yet.” He responded, which is totally fair. You gotta go where life is calling you, for sure.

We went to another bar and they had more beer. They order a different type though, one that was from Cologne. It was smoother and not as heavy. But I already had a lot to drink previously and couldn’t take another.

Since they were new teachers they haven’t had much time to relax as they were constantly lesson planning so they were using me as an excuse of one night off. I was glad I was able to give that to them.

I started planning out my stay in Switzerland as I have a flight from Geneva to Belgrade soon. I also signed up for work away and messaged a few places in Belgrade so fingers crossed!