My title sounds like I’m starting a fairy tale story, which isn’t too far off. Graz is a very beautiful city.

It is small, but the small curving streets with the mountains in the backdrop give it a charming feel. The Christmas lights hung throughout the city center also are delightful.

I took the 10.40 bus from Vienna and arrived around 1pm. I dropped by bags off at a locker in the train station (I took the tram from where the bus dropped me off to there). The tram tickets are 2.20 euros for an hour ticket. I then took the tram back into the center and made my way slowly back to the train station.

I was meeting my host at 4pm there, when she got out of class. As she suggested, I got a little “lost” and found some cool buildings and sights. On one church, there was an old painting that was there since the 1600s or older.

I toured around the Christmas markets. One was very artisanal while the others were about the same as Vienna- punsch, food, Christmas items such as candles.

Their modern art museum is a well known landmark of the city as it’s architecture is modern art in itself.


I finally met up with my host, S. A lovely woman. She walked me to Schlossburg on top of the hill, another renowned sight. The view was incredible and since it was almost dark, all the lights from the Christmas market could be seen.



We walked through some of them again and I enjoyed the lights lit up as well as a projected light show on the city hall building.

She took me to this cheap restaurant on the top floor of a tall building and I had a traditional pasta cheese dish. It wasn’t until I ate it that I realized it was very similar to Mac n Cheese. Very good!

We then met 2 of her friends and one of their parents for punsch before going back for my bags then to her flat.


Her and her friend asked me, separately, about the politics in the States. I’ve said my answer so many times that I have it very precise….and logical as they tell me.

It was ironic because the next day S had a test on American history. More specifically the time of our revolution or rebellion depending on the country…she also had to study the French Revolution and compare the two in the test. She asked me some questions on certain topics. Some, I was glad I remembered from high school. Others, like the Stamp Act, I was embarrassed that I didn’t remember.

Now, on my way to Zagreb!