Heading to Madrid or Spain? Looking to try some delicious Spanish food?Here is a list of some traditional Spanish meals and drinks, but for sure, this is by far not all the wonderful yummy treats Spain has to offer. I mainly list those that I tried in my time in Madrid recently. I hope this helps your own foodie needs!

1. Paella (can be vegetarian)

A combination of rice, saffron, meat/fish, and vegetables.


Homemade by S (only had a wok)

2. Tortilla española

Made in a pan, this dish contains eggs, onions, and potatoes.

It’s not like tortillas in Mexico, but a solid mass that kind of resembles a cake or a quiche.

3. Churros (con chocolate/with chocolate)

Basically fried dough, but delicious. S, see other posts, told me that it is usually eaten for breakfast or early morning after partying all night.


4. Tinto de verano

Red wine with coke or lemon soda (sprite/Fanta etc). Drank cold. Featured in the below picture of tapas. I prefer red wine with orange soda!

5. Cerveza con limón

This is beer with lemon soda, in Germany/a brand is called Radler. Also drank cold.

6. Tapas

There are many options for tapas. The biggest are with meat (different products from pig: con jamon y lacón). The only vegetarian options are basically potatoes, cheese, and bread.


7. Croquettes

Fried balls filled with potatoes or cheese, and meat. Featured in the picture above with the tapas.

8. Chorizo

Spicy sausage and some french fries in the picture below- part of a “racion” or ration/meal.


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More photos

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