Dresden can be a day trip from Prague or you can spend a weekend there. It is a small city, but a beautiful German one.

It was rather small, so I recommend a day trip. I went with my friend, E, coming back to Prague from Berlin. We got there late morning and left early evening. It was perfect. We dropped our bags off in a locker in the train station and headed out.

We walked around the old buildings- there is a castle there, but we were not interested in going inside. We did take a tour of the opera house, which E was really excited for since it was her first opera house, I believe in general, but definitely in Europe. We got lucky as there were no tickets left, but the cashier called someone and suddenly there were 2 spots open.


We walked through a group of buildings. I’m not sure what they were, but the courtyard was beautiful! We stayed for a bit, taking pictures and just enjoying the architecture.

Even though it was small and similar architecture throughout, every street and square had a lovely surprise such as a huge mural along one of the buildings:

Dresden has some great river views and from across the river is a beautiful view of the city. We had lunch around the main square and went inside the church that stood there.


Across the river towards the old city/old town

It was a rather hot day when we were there so we stopped for ice cream and, then later, a cold beer throughout the day.


It’s only a 2 hour bus ride from Prague, 4 round trip, so I highly recommend it as a nice day trip or on the way to Berlin.

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