Melnik is prounounced “Me-el-nik” and it is a small town really close to Prague. The train ride, I believe, was at most an hour. The bus, according to my guide book, is a bit shorter, but the train was more convenient for me.

Upon arriving in Melnik, follow the signs to old town, the train station is a bit further than the bus station, but they are really close together. You have to pass a park that is full of different animals!


There were also ducks, but these guys were cooler!

Soon, you will reach a rather steep hill, but after a few minutes you will be in old town. It is quite a small city, but very beautiful. I wandered around the streets and came across a market in the main square. What this town is known for; however, is the view of the 2 major Czech rivers as they converge (confluence, a word I learned in Serbia haha).

I ate lunch on a bench near the view and enjoyed the sun. I also went up the bell tower of the church for an even better view of the rivers and of the town. Unfortunately, the church itself was closed due to Saturday. The admittance person (it was free the day I went) said every religious day and the day before the church is closed- so basically every Saturday and Sunday.

I could have misunderstood him as his English wasn’t very good, but my recommendation would be to go during the week- also, the church has a cellar filled with bones, please see post on Kutna Hora. But, according to my guide book, it is more packed and perhaps better than Kutna Hora.

Melnik is also known for its wine as it is the wine area for Bohemia (the area that Prague is in).

The castle here is known for its wine; however, I needed a group of like 9 (much more than my 1) for a tour of its cellars. I could have taken a tour of the castle, but a guided tour I needed like 5 and with the solo tour, I needed to buy an additional written material book so I passed on the experience.

The town looked like it was shutting down for siesta and so I went to the tourist office to ask about wine tasting. The lady was really nice and apologetic about that there was nowhere I could go solo for wine tasting, but she indicated that the museum might have something.

I ventured over and entered the museum’s cafe. The door was a bit hidden and there is no true sign, but asking some nice people, I found it. Through my limited Czech, hand gestures, and her limited English, the bartender and I communicated that they didn’t have a tasting option, but she showed me the list of Melnik wines. They were all quite cheap- the one I got was 8 kc per glass! It tasted lovely, it was a white. I enjoyed it on their patio and then meandered around the city before catching the next train.


Melnik could be a day trip as there are a lot of activities to do in group or if you just want to enjoy the view with friends; however, as a solo traveler, it was half a day at best.

Definitely worth a stop though!


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