1. Dubrovnik

A fan favorite in Croatia (Balkans). It’s Unesco protected as well is the set for many films and shows (cough cough Game of Thrones). Besides it’s beauty, it also has history especially from the war in the 90s. From here you can jump to Mostar or cross through Montenegro (seeing Kotor on the way south) and go into Albania.


2. Belgrade     

Belgrade is definitely my favorite. I like the other cities, but there is something about Belgrade that draws me to it. It has something for everyone from parks to clubs to yummy foods. Granted, it was the capital of Yugoslavia and, therefore, is one of the bigger cities in the Balkans, but it’s not overwhelming.


3. Skopje   

I feel like most people would say it’s not that great, but I really liked Skopje. It’s referred to as Disneyland and you won’t fully understand why until you visit. But this is why I love it. There are different sections of the city and I enjoy the diversity in one city. It’s also pretty central to other Macedonian cities and other countries.


4. Mostar

Mostar and I didn’t click as much as some other places, but I feel like it’s still one that needs to be visited. It has old, but as well as new history (from the war in the 90s). The town itself has charm and let’s not forget it’s famous bridge.


5. Tirana

I couldn’t figure out the vibe in Tirana and that’s why I liked it. It was different and the buildings’ colors prove it. There is a lot left to be explored in Tirana, but also in Albania.


Sunset view from Hostel roof

I absolutely loved the Balkans! Please check out more posts from each country! These are my favorites, but I loved all of them!

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