Many people find the airport a very stressful place. And I get it! It is stressful for me, but here are some reasons why I just love the airport and can’t wait to be there.

1. Love the airport means I am traveling or picking up someone who is coming to visit!

I mean….being at the airport means I am traveling and who doesn’t love that? I am about to be in a new place, new country, new time zone, or all of the above. There is also some sadness of course when I am coming back from a trip because my trip is over, but there is joy in seeing familiar sights and people again.

If I am not traveling and I am picking someone up- who doesn’t love visitors? I get to play tour guide and visit with someone who I probably haven’t seen in a long time. Check out the post I collaborated on with a friend of mine who came to see me in Prague!

2. People Watching

I am the type of person who will get to the airport with time to spare. This gives me plenty of time to people watch. There are people running around, people lounging, and people in between. There are young people, older people, and puppies. The airport is such a diverse place! There are people from everywhere! It isn’t like only French people fly to France or only Californians fly to California. There are people from everywhere flying. It is real proof how connected we are besides the internet. We are really connected in person as well! For frequent travelers, check out my post about the 5 travelers you meet while on the road– are you one of them?

3. Open Discussions with New Friends

When you are just sitting at the boarding gate sometimes you strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Or at least, I do! I was once told by my script writing professor in university that I am weird for being a Forrest Gump and talking to random people. Anyways, I have passed many waiting periods talking with someone about anything. Where they are from, where they are going, etc. I have learned a lot about different professions or cultures or traveling tips. Check out my insights into solo traveling, which I briefly discuss this topic!

4. You Can Be Whoever You Want

I am a big promoter of being yourself no matter where, but I really think the airport you can be whoever you want. You want to wear sweatpants for 7 hours? You want to dress up? No one cares. Everything is accepted. Personally, I find fitness clothes very comfortable (leggings, sweatpants, etc) and will only wear it while flying, but if you want to dress up and put your best foot forward- all the power to you!

5. It Tests Your Patience

Let’s be honest, everyone could use a little more patience- I know I do! Waiting in line for check-in or waiting in line for security- it can get very annoying and irritating. But it shows me, at least, how to be more patient and how I can use this in other aspects of my life. Everyone will get through security, everyone will get on the plane, being irritated won’t rush the process so why bother being irritated?

Any other reasons I might have missed? Why do you love the airport? Or do you think I am crazy? Haha.

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