In this article I am going to tell you how to travel and work. With this age of internet and abundance of internet access, more and more people are traveling AND working. Of course, not necessarily during the time of COVID, but in a way, COVID is making many companies see the benefits of letting their employees remote work.

Of course, with anything there are pros and cons, but I would like to stick to the pros of being able to remote work and work from anywhere.

Some people have asked me how I have been able to work and travel for extended periods of time.

Truthfully, I was not a remote worker until very recently. When I went off to Prague, Czechia, I worked two jobs and saved money while I traveled around Central/Eastern Europe and some of Western Europe.

how to travel and work

My Tips and Tricks How to Travel and Work

Here are some tips and tricks to long lasting travel that I have used and have seen other people use as well.

Pick a central location

When you are working in an area, either online or at an actual office, pick a spot that you can travel around easily. For example, from Prague, I was able to travel to Germany, Poland, and Austria very easily. Since Prague is one of the bigger capitals, I also was able to have decent Ryan Air flights to Italy, Spain, Belgium, etc.

Living in Prague enabled me to see most of the Czech countryside as well as many other European countries.

Get a flexible job/work

What I mean by flexible job is two fold. First, a job that enables you to travel and take time off when need be. Second, a job that the skills are transferable to other careers or aspects of life.

For example, my main job was a marketing job with a start-up. They enabled me to take a day or two off and travel for a long weekend or enabled me to work a day or two in another location. Marketing was also a bonus because it was my degree in university so I was able to earn experience in the field I studied, which helped me get another marketing job in another country.

My second job was a teaching English job. This has enabled me to gain experience to let me get other English teaching jobs that have also led me to teach English online.

I also applied to be a tour guide of the city of Prague and did get hired, but I couldn’t do all 3. Just another option!

Use your passport advantages

If you are lucky enough to come from a country that is part of the “Working Holiday Visa” group, use it! The Working Holiday visa is essentially an easier working visa or a tourist visa (for a year) that enables you to work.

In Czechia, it was so much easier for me to get and to find jobs with than a regular working visa. So many countries are a part of this, research if your passport grants you this access!

Being a Digital Nomad

I know this lifestyle of working for a year (two jobs at that) isn’t what most people consider being a digital nomad. Maybe a “temporary expat” is a better label. But it enabled me to see a lot of Europe and then helped me afford 6 months backpacking around Asia and then helped me move to Montreal for another round of working.

While in Montreal, I decided to go on my own and fully embrace the “digital” part. Unfortunately, COVID also hit more or less at the same time, which forced me to stay put (I do like Montreal, but I want to be a “nomad” again!).

What I did was start my own online business as a marketing consultant. My English teaching job (my side job in Montreal) also moved online. So I have two jobs that are online. This now enables me to move about wherever or whenever I want (post-COVID of course). I do have to keep track of my time differences though. This is the one bad thing about being a digital nomad- time zones!

I highly recommend checking out my business course that I have made for new and established entrepreneurs who want to build their business online. It covers all the steps you need to build and grow for any industry/niche.

Now, while the world is on pause, is the best time to check out the possibility of being a digital nomad!