I love running in places I am staying in longer than a week. It gives me an idea of the area and I believe the getting lost is the best way to learn and discover a city. Running while traveling isn’t the easiest thing, but it definitely makes your traveling experience a more immersive one. Here are 4 of the best international cities to run in that I have experienced!

Prague, A Czech City to Run In

Prague is one of the most beautiful places to run in. Running while traveling throughout this beautiful city will let you see all the old streets and architectures.

Running through Old Town or Old Town Square isn’t really advised because there are so many tourist that you will be doing more walking as you manage your way through the crowd. However, if you are an early morning runner, Old Town Square is completely empty and that is when you can enjoy the beauty while running.

One of my favorite spots was in Prague 3. It is near the TV tower. There are a lot of hills and old architecture and it isn’t full of walking tourists or even regular Prague pedestrians. There is also a big park on a hill that offers great views and a track like path that takes you around the park.

Montreal, A French Canadian City to Run In

One of the best places to run in Montreal is in the Plateau. The Plateau offers a lot of street art and if you get to live in Montreal for a long time or even visit often, you will see new and different street art every time you run.

Another place for running is by the water. Montreal is an island. So pretty much anywhere along the edge you will find a nice walking/running path and a biking path. There is also Lachine Canal which is lovely!

Finally, if you are looking for a challenge, one of Montreal’s highlights is Mount Royal mountain. More like a very big hill. BUT, for fitness enthusiasts, if offers a great challenge to run up it or run around it. At the top you will get a breathtaking view of the city.

Boston, An American City to Run In

Out of all my places in this article, Boston is running mecca. Bostonians love running and it probably comes from the Boston Marathon. It can be intimidating running around with all these fancy runners.

One of the best places in Boston to run is along the Charles River. You can pick up the path near Harvard.

My favorite places to run in Boston was actually in the suburbs. You get to see all the beautiful homes and if you run in the fall, you get to see the leaves turning color. Harvard to one of the closes suburb areas is about 6 miles.

Like other major cities, running in the city of Boston itself isn’t that fun due to all the street lights and cars. Also, drivers in Massachusetts do have a special reputation, BUT, I have found they are very considerate of runners and pedestrians.

Buenos Aires, A Latino City to Run In

Argentina is not a running country. The locals of Buenos Aires are not used to runners in their streets. I did it a few times and scared so many people. They thought I was going to attack them or something.

Running in Buenos Aires is best left in one of their extensive parks. I personally felt weird taking a bus to a park to go running – why don’t I just go running straight? But, with traveling, you have to fit into THEIR culture.

They do offer a lot of running races actually. I had the privilege to run in two – a 10K and a 6K.

One of the best running spots is along the water in Puerto Madero. There is also an ecological park there that is free to enter with a lot of trails. I never ran there, but walking around is very nice.

Buenos Aires is similar to Montreal in that there are different sections of the city. Running around in the different parks of the different sections really gives you a feel for what is happening in those sections. Prague has sections, but I didn’t notice that big of a difference besides less tourists.

Buenos Aires’ and Montreal’s sections have different personalities, which is fun to discover.

Belgrade, A Serbian City to Run In

Surprisingly, Belgrade is very runner friendly. I thought it would be similar to Buenos Aires in that the locals are not used to runner in the street. But, no one seemed to care.

This being said, I still didn’t see many runners, but I was also running in the winter so maybe that played a role.

Kalmageden fortress offers some nice paths to run around and a nice view of the rivers. Across the river it is New Belgrade. THIS is the running path of Belgrade. It is a huge path for all the fitness people and it is along the river. I would run from my hostel across the bridge to New Belgrade and run there.

You can run all the way to the actual New Belgrade, which was part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire back in the day (so different architecture).

Are you a runner? Have you ran in these places? Do you want to run in these places? Let me know in the comments!