I try hard to write about things that I know or have tried. There are so many ski slopes out West of the United States, but these Western Ski Slopes are the only ones I have tried at the time of writing.


Jackson Hole

A big resort with plenty of space for everyone and all types of skiers and snowboards. It is located near Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons National Park around the Western ski slopes. The resort is in the Grand Tetons mountains. If you are coming for skiing, the National Parks might not be ideal, but they are beautiful to go visit if you get a chance!

Western Ski Slopes
View at Jackson Hole


Big Sky

A big resort as well with plenty of space for everyone and all types of skiers and snowboards. The way there is a bit tricky. It isn’t off a major highway, but some back roads. You will find it is more locals from the regionWestern Ski Slopes) because of this. Canada is not that much further north and Yellowstone National Park is about an hour or so south.

On the Slopes of Big Sky



This is a smaller mountain and have more intermediate to advanced slopes. It is close to Salt Lake City and there is even free public transportation to the slopes.

On the Slopes of Solitude


Another ski resort close to Salt Lake City, they give you free public transportation if you have their pass or the Ikon Pass. This is a skier only, so snowboarders will have to go to Snowbird or one of the other numerous ski places near Salt Lake City. In terms of skiing, the slopes are more intermediate to advanced to expert. There are several TRIPLE Blackdiamonds.

View at Alta


Mammoth Mountain

For Southern California, this is the best. It is decent size with more beginning to intermediate slopes. There are a few advanced, but not much. Most of the skiers and snowboarders are from Southern California area and, therefore, are not as skilled as some other locations. Because it is close to Los Angeles you might see some celebrities hitting the Western ski slopes. It is about a 6 to 7 hour drive from San Diego, north of Los Angeles.

On the Slopes of Mammoth

Big Bear

This ski resort is in the Los Angeles area and for those Southern Californians who don’t want to make the trek to Mammoth, they can come here. It is filled with a younger crowd and often are young people hanging out rather than for the actual skiing and snowboarding.

Mountain High

My family’s least favorite western ski slopes. This is the closest to San Diego and it caters to beginners. There is not that much snow coverage due to its proximity south. We don’t like it for the beginner slopes, but also, we found the customer service was lacking. For a few more hour drive, we can get a much more better ski experience. However, if you are a beginner and are in the San Diego area, be sure to check out skiing here!

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