I am labeling this part one because I am pretty sure I will have more food posts about foods and foodies of Montreal!

One of the reasons I love Montreal is the love for food. People are foodies of Montreal they love eating and love eating good food. Montreal doesn’t seem like it, but it offers a diverse food landscape for the foodies of Montreal.

Where to Eat in Montreal

Looking for where to eat in Montreal? Here are some of the marvelous places I went that I recommend! Also, apologies in advance- I either went to these places with someone who I was a bit embarrassed to show my foodie side (yes it does happen!) or I was so wrapped up with how delicious the food was I didn’t take photos!

For a wine bar- for all you wine-o’s, Pullman’s bar has a wide range of wine with some nice snacks. The grilled cheese is delicious. Another wine bar that offers a variety as well as a diverse pairing of cheeses, meats, and breads is Buvette Chez Simone.

For a local brewery- Brasserie Harricana offers a variety of beers as well as nice meals such as a huge sandwich and the french fries are really good!

Nos Thes is a Taiwanese restaurant that serves yummy bobba or bubble tea with some pretty authentic dishes (I went with a Taiwanese friend and she verifies this haha). I couldn’t finish my noodle dish- it took me 3 seatings (I took it home)! Another Asian place, which was filling and delicious was Chicha Donburi.

Speaking of bobba tea, L2 Lounge has a wide range of flavors of tea and bubbles!

If you are looking for a place where to eat in Montreal , a good pizza at a sit down restaurant, I suggest Cafe Parvis. I had this spinach, cheese, and jalapeno sauce pizza that amazed me! It was so good and quite a decent size!

There are a few cafes I really like. Some I had food in and others I just had coffee, but the decorations and the overall vibe were awesome! Le Darling, Le Finca Coffee, Cafe Aunja, Cafe Santropol, and Cafe Tuyo.

At Lola Rosa Cafe, I had this chili, which was delicious and quite filling- I couldn’t finish the whole bowl as much as I wanted to.

Raclette party, not a restaurant, but definitely a food that needs to be tried!

Portuguese chicken is also quite popular in Montreal and a good restaurant is Restaurant Jano.

Another thing Montreal is known for are all the speakeasys! These bars are a bit hidden and you have to pay attention to your GPS to know where the entrance is because there are no signs! Big in Japan, Cloakroom Bar (which makes drink based on what flavors you like versus an actual menu), Bar Le Mal Necessaire (great customer service- I wasn’t a big fan of the original drink I ordered and they gave me another one), and Apt 200 has a dance floor, pitchers, and free pool tables- it also turns into a club weekend nights.

Apt 200

Another interesting restaurant is Dirty Dogs. It serves hot dogs, burgers, and poutine. I got a burger with mac n cheese served on it. It was delicious. It was supposed to be really spicy, but my tolerance is pretty high so it wasnt for me, but be warned (the waiter told me like 5 times haha).

For dessert, I was able to go to Le Plein Sud and tried 2 desserts- the dessert of the day and a chocolate fondant (like lava cake). Both were decent, but not necessarily my favorites. The customer service was amazing though and the price wasn’t too bad.

Brunch! Montreal-ers love brunch! I was able to try 2 places already: Beauty’s and Faberge. Beauty’s has a line so make sure you get there early to stand in it, but the food is worth it! In Faberge, I had a breakfast poutine- I want to go back, it was so good!

And speaking of poutine! There are two places I have gone to get good poutine: La Banquise and Poutineville. Both are famous for great poutine and the variety of flavors and styles. At La Banquise, we shared a regular size. It was sufficient. I got the sampling platter at Poutineville, which was good to get an idea of what they had to offer for future visits :)

I hope these have wet your appetite! Bon appetit and see you soon Foodies of Montreal for part 2!

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