I can’t get enough of the food culture in Montreal! I don’t know if it is the French culture of appreciation of good food or what! But it is pretty awesome and I can call myself Foodie of Montreal. If you are looking for places of where to eat in Montreal ? Scroll down and Check out!


Looking for a good place to have brunch and where to eat in Montreal? Get to this popular brunch spot early as the line is out the door. It is a bit on the pricey side, but the food was worth it and very generous helpings! The decor is pretty cool and make sure to check out the bathroom!


If you want to visit a place where to eat in Montreal in cheap rates visit Warehouse. Warehouse has some pretty generous cheap portions. We just ordered appetizers and were stuffed at the end.

Bagel, Etc.

This is another popular brunch spot and is very small. The food is quite yummy and the staff is very pleasant. They only accept cash though.


Being a Foodie of Montreal I must say it is a nice pub. Some of the beer is made in-house and the food is standard delicious pub food. It is close to the ice rink and starting at 10pm they have a live band.


This is a famous sandwich shop that is now an institution and a tourist spot in Montreal for sure. The sandwiches come out fast with lots of meat.

Le Petit Rustik

Another brunch place…you might see a trend here haha. A bit on the expensive side, but delicious and would soothe the appetite of any avocado lover.

La MajesThe

Looking for polke bowls? Here is a good place! It also offers other Asian delights like bao (steamed buns). One of their claim to fame are there homemade lemonades in which the Galaxy ones provide entertainment for the eyes!

Patati Patata

This is another brunch place that has breakfast and lunch options. They also have poutine, which we tried. The banquise is better.

Sweet Lee’s

Sweet Lee’s is in Verdun and it shares the cafe/sitting area with a coffee place. So if you want a coffee and a pastry as I did, you will need to pay for each separately. It is a bit expensive for what it is, but the pastry was good and the rest looked delicious!

Blackstrap Bbq (Best for a Foodie of Montreal)

This was honestly a surprise find for me. My friend and I were just tryimg to find a place to catch up and decided to eat here. It was good. I really liked the beans. My pulled pork was a bit cold, but the ribs were good (not featured as they were still cooking).

You can get just one meat or like me, do a combo plate. This restaurant is in Verdun, so outside downtown and tourist path Montreal, but the area is nice.


This is a diner chain. But it was only breakfast place open before my work (and my dad’s flight) and was near my work. Before 8, I believe, they have the early bird special. They offer so much food on one plate! For a diner chain, it was good.

Stay hungry my friends and become a Foodie of Montreal !

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