Sorry! This post isn’t about sports/college basketball, but in fact how busy my March in Montreal was.

I moved into a new apartment, but besides that, my father came to visit me and it was very filled visit!

March in Montreal: Go Habs Go!

Ok March in Montreal was sporty, there are some sports to this post haha . We went to a hockey game against the Islanders…..the Habs (Montreal) lost 2-0. But still a cool experience.

March in Montreal: Take me out to a baseball game…

This is the last team sport….Toronto plays 2 pre-season games in Montreal as Montreal’s baseball team left long time ago. The game was good for pre-season and we had good seats. We didn’t stay till the end as it was quite late, but till the 8th inning and Wisconsin Brewers were wining (and won). This is how my March in Montreal went.

Skiing: March in Montreal

Ok, now it is the last sports (I said baseball was the last TEAM sport :P ) I hadn’t gone skiing in 3 years and it was nice to do some even if the mountain wasn’t as big as I am used to (from the West Coast). Also, I am not used to ice snow, which the East Coast is known to have. The first day was quite snowy and rainy. We didn’t have a car and so took a bus the night before with Galland to St. Sauvuer, was about an hour and half ride. From the hotel we walked 20 minutes to the resort. The second day was sunny, but cold and the snow turned pretty icy. It was ok in the afternoon, but as soon as the sun started to go the snow turned back to ice and we packed up to leave. It was a fun weekend.

The resort isn’t quite sure on its own procedure. Due to not having a car and walking to and from the hotel, we didn’t want to carry our skis- the boots were ok, but the skis is annoying. So we asked several times along the first day about if we could leave our skis and pick them up the next day. The answer was yes until the very end when we returned the skis and it was said we would have to go through the rental process again (minus the payment). Well, the next day, we were reprimanded by one woman saying that we were supposed to keep our skis. After back and forth several minutes, she sighed and just owned the fact that there is miscommunication on her side and gave us new skis.

It was all strange.

KISS Concert: March in Montreal

Yes, KISS, the famous rock band known for face paint and tongue sticking out. I first heard about the concert from a French classmate of mine. We bought the tickets and finally went. It was an awesome concert. My only regret was that I wasn’t 100% familiar with KISS songs. I know a few of the famous ones, but not all of them. But, I still liked the experience and music with all the fire and rock and roll.

March in Montreal: St. Patty’s Day parade

“I came to a French city to watch an Irish parade” My dad said. It was a nice parade, but super cold that day. We had to duck into Juliet et Chocolat for a hot chocolate that unfortunately was not very hot. But March in Montreal was still cold.

March in Montreal

March in Montreal Ends

After my dad left, I went to Boston for a weekend trip.

It was nice to see friends again from university and enjoyed the lovely weather! People were wearing shorts outside!!!

I was supposed to go to Boston with someone, but at the border, due to being a non US and non Canadian citizen, he had to get finger printed. However, the system was down country wide and if he wanted to enter the country, he had to wait. This was at 1:30am from a night bus. He waited till 7 am and it still wasnt working. Eventually, a friend of his drove from Montreal to come get him (its about an hour or so drive). I felt bad for the situation, but thats what it was. I can never have a good leaving March in Montreal story haha.