Driving to Jackson Hole or Salt Lake City and not sure what are the things to do in Idaho Falls?

Make sure to check out these fun sites and sights!

There isnt much to see in Idaho Falls, but is a charming town. It is on the way to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Pocatello, and Salt Lake City depending on your direction, right on Interstate 15.

Take a few hours break in this small town while on your way to visiting the other bigger attractions.

Things to do in Idaho Falls
Laundromat in Idaho Falls

Things to Do in Idaho Falls

1. Statue and Fountain

There is an Eagle fountain that serves as the middle of a round about. It is quite large and offers statues of the different animals of the area. In the winter, the water is frozen offering icicles.

2. Falls

Yes, Idaho Falls has its own falls! It isn’t as glamorous as Niagra in New York or Iguazu in Argentina, but it is cute! In the winter, it freezes, which offers cool views on frozen water.

3. Riverwalk

As the name suggests, this path goes along the river. It is said that it was built by German Prisoners of War. They liked the town so much that when World War 2 was finished they stayed.

4. Aquarium

I haven’t been, but I heard it holds a nice collection of sealife and is pretty educational. It would be a fun treat seeing that Idaho is a land locked state. I look forward to going one day.

5. Texas Roadhouse

This is a chain, but it was so packed when I went and the service was so kind that I think it is worth mentioning! The portions are huge and there is so much option! And, as I said, the service was amazing.

6. Attic salt

This charming store is in the mall. I am not sure if it is a chain, but it is so delightful with random things that would please anyone!

7. Perkin’s Diner and Bakery

This little diner is home to some delicious meals as well as some yummy bakery treats! Check it out for breakfast! With my particular meal, I had a choice of pancakes, toast, or a muffin. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Idaho Falls.

Things to do in Idaho Falls: Perkin's Diner

8. LDS Temple

This white building is huge! At night it is lit up brightly along the river. It is the religious building for the LDS or Mormon community, but it is a beautiful architectural piece.

Things to do in Idaho Falls: LDS Temple

9. Zoo

I have yet to visit this place as well, but this small zoo offers a closer look at the animals. From the street behind thr zoo you can see into the enclosures.

10. Brown Street Signs

Any streets with brown street signs mean that is part of the historical district. Check out these lovely homes! One of the buildings in brick used to be a train station!

11. Idaho National Laboratory

There is also a nuclear lab one could visit about 40 or so miles from town. It is open to visitors in the summer since the 30s/40s. It even powered Arco, another town nearby, the United States’ first nuclear powered town.

12. Casino

If you are looking for some fun and don’t want to drive to Vegas, here is a small casino a few miles outside Idaho Falls.

Things to do in Idaho Falls: casino
Casino near Idaho Falls on the way to Salt Lake City

Bonus Things to Do in Idaho Falls:

The following aren’t near Idaho Falls, but close enough to mention:

1. Craters of the Moon

This National Monument is near Arco and has old volcano craters that resemble the craters of the moon. It can be a bit unstable to walk around so wear appropriate shoes as you go in and around these craters!

2. Potato Museum

This museum is located in Blackfoot Hills and gives great insight into what Idaho is known for- potatoes!

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