Montreal Summer Activities are really the best. Summer in Montreal is incredible that I write posts about it all the time. I have my Summer Daze Around Montreal post, but it is more for what occurred outside Montreal city in the summer of 2019. Here are some summer activities for inside Montreal! For some other Summer activities, please see Outdoor Fun in Montreal.

Montreal Summer Activities: Holi!

Holi is normally at the start of spring, but I guess because the weather isn’t very pleasant till June/July, they postponed this Indian celebration to later (August). It was funny and relatively inexpensive (about $20).

This Indian event celebrates colors.

Montreal Summer Activities: International Bike Race

Truthfully, I don’t know much about bike racing. I am more familiar with long distance cycling, but many top international cyclists were at this event. They had a track and had to go around it several times (was around 4-5 hours long). We watched the take off and the end.

Montreal Summer Activities: Giant Game of Clue

This game was very interesting and the first 2 hours were fun. The last 30 minutes, I was quite done with the game haha. There is an app and it is based on location (so you need your GPS on). You need to find who murdered the victim. All around downtown Montreal were “witnesses.” Virtual people- once you reached the location, the app would signal you bumped into the witness and you can ask questions. They had different prizes for best dressed team, fastest team, etc. We were the In-VEST-ti-GATORS. Get it?

Montreal Summer Activities: Sugar Festival- one of the many things to do in the Summer

This took place in the Old Port, right on the water. It wasn’t the most exciting, but it just shows all the small things Montreal has to offer besides the famous Jazz, Circus, and Comedy festivals. There were several stands selling different types of sweets- food or drink!

Montreal Summer Activities: Picnic in the Park

You can drink in parks here in Montreal as long as you have food!

Montreal Summer Activities: Paint Nite

This is an international company, but I love their style here in Montreal! So many events around the city and area and lovely designs to paint. It’s in a bar normally, but I believe there are family friendly ones, so everyone has to be drinking age, but you don’t have to order any drink if you don’t want to! They do it in both French and English.

Montreal Summer Activities: Family Visits

No explanation needed :) Always glad to get visitors! Also, not featured, I have been following a fellow woman traveler on Instagram, and she came to Montreal and we met up for brunch. So cool, after following each other online for a few years to meet in person! She posts some great stuff, be sure to follow her!

Montreal Summer Activities: La Ronde

The 6 Flags of Montreal. Lots of rides! All October is Halloween month so they have special decorations and people dressed as zombies stalking the park. That was pretty funny.

Montreal Summer Activities: Just for Laughs- Comedy Festival

I really just participated in the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival this year. I did watch a little of some free Jazz during the Jazz festival and walked by some circus performers during the Circus festival, but I was able to get these free tickets to She the People. It was really good! Only the last 5 minutes were man-hating. To be fair, most of the jokes would be more funny for women as it has to do with menstrual cycles and how women interact within our female friend circle, but I think men would enjoy the show (minus the last 5 minutes, which I didn’t enjoy either).

Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

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